Monday, April 7, 2008

Super Quickie Update

I'm typing this with about 5 minutes before blastoff of my early morning shift...

1. We got the Berkey water purifier up and running, but have not had success in removing the entire sulfur taste from our well water, though the finished product so far has come out very clean. We have a question pending via email at the supplier's awaiting advice from them about what might be done.

2. Kefir starter and Caspian Sea Yogurt starters both arrived, but Kefir starter container had leaked all over the shipping box (ick) and so we're awaiting feedback about getting that replaced. The Caspian Sea Yogurt is pretty impressive as to its ease to make, requiring NO fancy skills other than pouring milk over it and letting it stand out a few hours, covered, then repeat using a small portion. The vote's out on just how we'll like it compared to other yogurt-type products. It's got an entirely different consistency that my husband doesnt mind, but that I find quite different. Shall have to play with it some to see if it's a long-term "keeper"...

3. In the interim, we've been buying storebought Kefir; we tried the plain and the fruity sort, and prefer the plain. If we add things to it, we like to add our own. I have to say, we're both HOOKED on the kefir (very unexpected!) and our bodies seem to be craving it more and more. It's VERY filling, almost like eating pure protein, and we've noticed a difference in how we feel even after using it just a few days. This is unusual for us, so we're keeping it on the menu, and have eaten a lot less food overall since it's so satisfying. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but to us it's immensely satisfying, at least the sort we've tried so far...very thick and creamy in a sour cream sort of way, with a curiously satisfying sourness that's not too sour, but just right somehow...and I don't really care too much for sour food, as a rule. It's DEFINATELY a keeper, and we'll see how it tastes when we can make our own.

That's the fast facts; back for more soon and for that long-pending blogroll update!

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