Saturday, April 12, 2008

Random Personal Fact #1

Know those lists of things about you that no one else really knows? Like that you pick your toenails while you watch TV, or that you like Oreos, but only if you can lick the sugary center first?

I love reading about people's quirks and preferences, passions and peeves. So I'm just going to post random facts in that same fashion whenever the mood strikes. Yeah, I know...nothing's kind of silly. But oh well, typing it here isn't killing any trees :)

It's just for fun...

Fact #1

I have sleeping peculiarities.

I'm not scared of the dark, and I like to sleep in complete night light, spaces around the mini-blinds, outdoor lamppost shining in the window, or even bright alarm clock numbers. This is hard to pull off on those weeks when I have to work nights and sleep days, but I strive for utter darkness by pulling all the covers over my head.

Speaking of covers, J is a minimalist...only a flat sheet over him, and nothing restrictive. But I like a cocoon, especially a comforter to squish into shapes as I turn through the night, and two pillows. And the covers have to come ALL the way up to my face, not just mid-chest.

That's probably not all that strange, except for the fact I can't stand for the closet door to be left open a crack during the night, at least where I can see it from my bed. They must ALL be shut, ha! I'm a person who can still interpret shapes into scary things if left to my imagination and my shortsightness without my contacts in/glasses on. This used to drive my husband crazy until we moved into a house where you can't SEE the closet doors from the bed.

His sleeping peculiarity is that we've got to both have showers RIGHT before going to bed. It really creeps him out thinking of us going to sleep unbathed for any period of time. He's had this habit ever since he was young -- maybe something he was taught by his mom who was a career nurse? Oh yes, and in the beginning of our marriage, he used to never clip his toenails often enough, which used to shred my feet now and then in the middle of the night. But that's another whole story...


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