Friday, April 4, 2008

The Why Beneath the What

I got a big reminder of this; that this is what it's all about after all. Loving God and loving those around us...the right way, not always the way that's easy. Love's an action, a series of actions...a lifetime of series of actions that are guided by the what's inside our hearts being put to work in real situations.

I blew it last night. We all do at times. But I'm reminded on this shabbat (it's going to be sundown in a couple hours now) of the things for which I'm the most grateful. Relationship is at the center of all my goals, dreams, lessons learned.

So tonight, of all the things to be grateful for, it's my husband. Second only to God, that's the central relationship of my life, my soul mate. And after all these years, I still daily have to learn lessons about how to love him better. It's definately worth the learning.

I never want to forget the why at the center of the what I do. Honoring, weighing things wisely in light of building and preserving the relationships that matter most. The what will follow.

I am reminded of these things and of my own humanity, and the fact we love each other through ups and downs and work to learn how to keep it set apart, to keep it growing, and to correct the goofups...and it makes me all the more grateful.

Have a restful night/day on this shabbat...

Shabbat Shalom! :)

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