Monday, April 14, 2008

More About Monsanto

Inspired by the great folks at Path to Freedom's recent article, I'm really really worried and am now looking online for news about Monsanto. There is an awful lot. I'm going to be putting clips here as I educate myself on these issues, to share as my eyes are opened.

These are HUGE issues that CANNOT be ignored. These stories tell like a crime novel...but they are documented.

And these are the people suing small farmers and bullying anyone who investigates or demands accountability.


ilex said...

"Just write it the way the lawyers want it written..." gha! This is fascism, plain and simple. Teh guvernmintz and bidness, BFF.

Thanks very much for posting this. ADM, Cargill, Monsanto- they are all the same. These companies are writing wide swaths of the Farm bill (as is California). The only way around this is to grow your own- though I really do worry that the big boys will find a way to tax/co-opt/undermine private kitchen gardens, too.

Phelan said...

Monsanto has always scared me. They are only a few miles from my house, along with a brand new walmart and cargill.

Mrs. K's Lemonade Stand said...

I admit that I am pretty ignorant about this subject. I guess I need to educate myself.

ilex said...

Here's a great intro article about Monsanto- it will be in the May 2008 issue of Vanity Fair (their annual green issue)--

And, here is a new French documentary about Monsanto and their ilk, posted to Google video a few weeks ago. It probably won't get much airplay in the states, but I hope it will make the green blog rounds--

The Barber Bunch said...

SURPRISE..... I linked to you in my latest post!


Robbyn said...

Ilex, I just don't think the public is aware of what's happening. I was reading news clips from the internet about Monsanto to my husband, and his mouth was hanging open and he kept saying "they can't DO that!"

But they are and have been.

What keeps worrying me is that this smacks of all those theories we thought were so far-fetched about corporate's not a far jump to reason that the folks who control the worlds SEED supplies control their FOOD supplies, and then you see that Monsanto is beginning to buy up water resources, too, and are in league with the really huge pharmaceutical companies and genetic research developers,'s dizzying.

WHY have we let our government LEGALIZE the patenting of life forms??? That's the precendent that snowballed corporations like Monsanto's and others' ability to do a lot of this in the first place.

Phelan, yes, they're way scarier than even the NAIS, to me.

Mrs. K, me too! I'm only just beginning to skim the surface of what's out there. I'm just upset that this is not understood at the most basic level by Joe Public, who in most cases is myself. It affects us all...the thing is going to be horrific if we don't see what's going on and do something now.

Carolyn, thanks for the link :)

Robbyn said...

Ilex, thank you for the links...I saw your recent post and it's great!

That french documentary is something I posted after reading Path To Freedom's journal entry about Monsanto and they linked to that. I posted it in a recent entry, only it has trouble loading. I think I'll try reposting it. I'm glad some magazine is getting this out there to the public, though I still scratch my head at why ALL the media is not all over this one. It's such a scoop, with such villains and rotten maneuverings, you'd think it'd be a journalist's field day. I need to see VAnity Fair's article...thanks for the links!