Saturday, April 26, 2008

For the Record... husband, Jack, does not really do a singing belly-button trick.

I know, I know you were wondering.

Honey, if you're reading this, I volunteered your talents in a favorite blog's comments. I know you could learn how to do it...the singing belly-button thing...after all, you're so good at trying new things and mastering new skills. I know, this could be your big break, something you could moonlight doing on the side, a second career and all....but you'll probably decide to pass it know, the fifteen minutes of fame and all that... (sigh)

Sidenote: He's going to get even with me after he reads this...heh heh

Ok, Danni...this one's for you. I dedicate this song (whistled, not sung) to your new chicken coop. No, it's not Jack, it's just some person from Youtube. But hey, it's close enough!

I know, I's a homesteading blog. Sometimes I just get a little sidetracked...

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