Friday, April 11, 2008

See Former Post for Blogroll Update

I started the draft of the blogroll update, saved it for more updating temporarily, and then posted the Yogurt and Kefir post.

Then I went back and pulled the saved blogroll post back up and found allllll those links. (I still have to put them on the sidebar, but first things first...)

When I pushed the Blogger "publish" button, it published it in the sequence it had been saved...prior to the yogurt post. But I want it on went in to edit it, as in saving it to draft and then republishing it, hoping that would rearrange the sequence to be the newest post.

BUT when I did THAT, it went back to the VERY FIRST SAVED VERSION of the post...the one WITHOUT the TWENTY-FIVE blog links..

Ooooohhhhhh, breathe through your nose, Robbyn!!!

I pushed the Back arrow and THANKFULLY OH GOOD GOLLY SO THANKFULLY it took me back to the post list, and I pushed View Blog. And seemingly, the complete post is still there...not erased.

I hope it shows up. If not, I will excuse myself to have a little Blogger Moment of Losing My Dwindling Sanity....




tina f. said...

Maybe this will help for next time... On the bottom left in the "Compose" block is a button labeled "Post Options". If you click on it then on the bottom right side of the page you will see "Post Date & Time". You can change it to whatever date and time you want, therefore enabling you to put one post above another even though it was originally done before. Hope that makes sense!

Robbyn said...

Oh, wow, thanks just made my life easier :) :)