Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Excellent Earth Day Post at Urban Hennery

I loved how Laura at the Urban Hennery blog worded her post about Earth Day!

A couple of quotes from it:

"Changing the way we interact with our planet isn’t just about thinking about the environment for one day. It isn’t just about buying the “green” version of something instead...

...We need to understand that sometimes it’s about not having the thing at all. That it’s about choosing a simpler way of life not because it’s moral or just, but because it is an opportunity to move beyond the “things we want” to the things that make us truly happy."

I hope you have time to stop in there and read the entire post! :)

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Twinville said...

It was a wonderful post. I'm glad I read it. I totally agree, too.

Oh! And I took the Austen Heroine Quiz and seem to be like "Elizabeth Bennet".
I don't even know who she is! hehe