Sunday, April 13, 2008

Some More Great Blogs!

(This is a re-posting of the most recent blogroll, lost in the "back of the closet" behind some other postings due to my computer derf-wad-ness. Thanks, Tina, for teaching me how to re-arrange the order of the posts!)
And whew-boy, is this update LONG overdue!

My longstanding apologies for not getting these here weeks and weeks earlier...

I'll describe these all the same way...original to the wonderful blog-owner whose creations they are...a reflection of fascinating lives, and an inspiration on many different levels to me. I learn from you all. Thank you for your blog, your visits here (for the ones who've been here), and for sharing a slice of your lives with me.

And now I'd like to share these links for any who might not have them. Each is different, unrelated, intelligent.... and appreciated.

1. On the Shores of Carpenter Creek
2. On the Way to Critter Farm
3. Mrs. K's Lemonade Stand
4. Granny Sue's News and Reviews
5. Bifurcated Carrots
6. Tammy's Recipes
7. Practical Nourishment
8. Grandmother Wren
9. Grow Better Veggies
10. A Vision Splendid
11. A New Old-Fashioned Gal
12. My Tiny Plot
13. Seven Trees
14. The Funny Farm
15. Chickens in the Road
16. oUr bAcKyArD
17. Homesteading in a Condo
18. Homesteading Hickory Hills
19. Farm Life, Chickens and So Forth
20. A Journey in Your Dreams
21. Home Is...
22. Achorn Farm
23. Just Me
24. The Barber Bunch
25. Orangette

Enjoy the feast of kindred spirits! :)


The Barber Bunch said...

Thanks for adding me to your Blog Roll!


Donna said...

Thanks for linking to me. I added you to "My Favorite Journals" on my blog.

Wendy said...

Thank you for adding me. I'm honored :).

Mrs. K's Lemonade Stand said...

I'm looking forward to exploring the blogs you mentioned. Thank you also for including my blog. You blog is mentioned on my site as well.

Kevin and Beth said...

I was delighted to see my blog mentioned on yours. It's funny... I always think no one is reading even though my counter shows that many people visit. I guess I think it's my sister or other family members coming over and over again. Although that can't be true 'cause no one I know lives in Bahrain which is where the latest visitor was from.
I am currently looking over your site and thoughly enjoying it! Our water is the same color as yours when it comes out of the ground. We have an osmosis system and a softener. Not the best but constantly hauling drinking water got old and expensive.
Anyway, thanks...I will vist often.

Grandmother Wren said...

I'm honored to be included in your list of "Great Blogs" - thank you!
I'll thank you also for introducing me to the other blogs on the list - lots of great reading ahead for me today!

I'm going on home now to add your blog to my links...

Grand Life said...

Just found your blog and love your posts. I'll be checking back on a regular basis. Have a great week.

Robbyn said...

barbers, donna, Mrs K, kevin and beth, Grandmother Wren...
you're all welcome. I feel very fortunate to have discovered your blogs, and I'm just sorry it took me so long to update that blogroll! :)

Kev and Beth, yes an RO system would be nice here where we are...we have one of those systems where you add salt to the outside filter thingy. We're looking for something that doesnt rely upon electricity. Eventually, J wants to get a distiller, but of course those are electric. But with the Berkey, if we can get the hang of it, we'd have drinkable water to start with and if there's any residual flavor issue, we could distill it. Which seems an awful long process for just a good glass of water, hmmm :)

ilex said...

Wooo-hoo~ I'm onna blogroll! ANd it's a really good blog! (claps hands together like a 3-year-old)

I've been perusing your list- gosh, I'm in daunting company! I'll be a brave girl, smile big, and fake it; got me this far, after all...

Ya, the Paul Robesons are the best. Fab. I have 4 of the green babies and I'm not giving ANY away! Extras shall be canned! So there! (Normally, I'm generous to a fault with seedlings [-So cries my husband, dismayed: "Why are you giving so many seedlings away??] but, come on, we're talkin' PRs here!)

Robbyn said...

Welcome, Judy! I just peeked at your blog, and it looks great! Oh, I'm such an addict :) So glad you found your way here!

Ilex, yes, I HEART heirloom tomatoes and am counting the MINUTES till we get some started NEXT year...(arrggghhhh) You don't have to fake anything; your site IS one of the greats. If you could see my backyard just now, you'd find that my homesteading is mostly taking the form of things growing in five gallon paint buckets. Which I'm sure is really really impressing my neighbors, haha

Granny Sue said...

Thank you, Robbyn. I love reading your blog too. You keep me aware that there are many people out there trying to live simply with the land instead of on it.
Keep posting, please.

Wendy said...

Thank you for including my blog in your list. I am honored. And let me return the compliment by saying that I have very much enjoyed reading your blog, as well, and you've made it to my bookmarked favorites as one of my daily reads ;).

Robbyn said...

granny sue and wendy, thank you...I'm honored!

Patrick said...

Hi Robbyn,

Thanks for linking to us, and thanks for your recent comment. I follow too many blogs to be a regular reader almost anywhere, but I've been following your blog off and on for quite a while now and enjoying what I read. I found you some time ago via Mike on PlanB.

I hope the weather is as nice where you are as it is here. Best wishes for the season ahead.

Tammy L said...

u for including my blog! I added a link to yours on our "links" page! :D