Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Some Good News from Illinois: NAIS

Just received this in comments to a past post:

HB 5776 passed through the Illinois House yesterday.
Vote? 10-0 !
It now must make it through the Senate.
Anyone interested in assisting in Illinois, please contact our Grassroots movement to get 'er done!
Michael and Sharon Sabo

On Michael and Sharon's site, they detail their own experience and the reasons that became the catalyst for the action they took in forming the IICFA. It's what happens when individuals realize what the implications are not only for their own farm, but for the future of farming, and take action. And it's commendable that 4-H leaders came alongside to join forces and work together to educate and to meet this challenge head-on.

GREAT JOB, GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Farm and Ranch Freedom recorded this news among their other state updates on their site where you can find the latest updates of actions needed and contact information to make your voice heard. From their site, here's the bit about Illinois HR 5776 (below). Check out their page for ways in which you can help in your own state, as well as stay abreast of news nationwide.


Illinois HB 5776 was approved by the House Agriculture Committee by a 10-0 vote!
Like Colorado, Illinois is requiring children to register in NAIS in order to compete in the fairs. HB 5776 was introduced to reverse that policy.
The Committee approved a committee substitute that is much stronger than the original bill, and it will now be headed to the House floor.
Click here for more information and to take action.

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