Monday, April 28, 2008

Blogroll Leads to More Blogroll

I recently updated the blogroll here with enumerable fascinating, educational, and enjoyable blogs, and today I added the new folks to the sidebar. Now it's so replete with fascinating blogs, I think I can hear it listing to the right and wonder if my monitor might start leaning sideways any day now...

They're just THAT good :)

So good, in fact, that in perusing them inevitably it will lead to (sigh...) discovering MORE addictive blogs, such as these three. I'm including them here now because if I don't, knowing me, it'll be 6 months before I quit procrastinating, so better to strike while the iron's hot and all that.

Here is Rubbish Free Year, which is the journey of one family to live without producing ANY have to see this site!

And there's Planting Milkwood blog's wonderful journal of their adventures in permaculture.

And then there's the heartwarming Have Pinny, Will Cook blog with all things warm and wonderful for foodies...

So, in addition to the other recent glut of awesome blog additions, you can now round everything out with no rubbish, incorporating permaculture, and even more new recipes to add 14 1/2 pounds to your hips just in time to store up fatty cells for any further food shortages...



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