Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My Head it is A-Spinning

Brief type-and-run...!

Ever had several unexpected opportunities dangle as possibilities right in front of your nose all at the same time, yet not know how ANY of them will turn out...or IF they will at all?

That's our experience right now since the past three days of on-the-road property hunting, long coversation while on the road, tromping around all kinds of acreage (my favorite part!) and scribbling endless ideas and contact information down on odd scraps of paper? There's been an intriguing development, and the day yesterday was not over till late when we arrived hom, and then it still wasnt over.

I can't tell the details yet! We did stop at several points yesterday in our travels, and just pray together for direction and open doors...and closed ones. Usually we have no problem having closed doors ;-) AFTER we got home, we had something nearly fall into our lap...MAYBE. Now we're scrambling to see if this could possibly work (we won't do anything hare-brained)...it's all very breath-taking!

I'll come back here and post the outcome, as soon as this episode has a pause. Whew! let's see what happens!!

Me <----quite happy for the change of possibilities ahead!

Later!! :)

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