Monday, March 5, 2007

And Tonight's Dinner Was...


Yes, I'm ashamed to admit it. And this on the eve of my interview, lab tests, and appointment with the nutritionist regarding blood sugars.

(I'm totally busted...)

We ran ran ran all day, and J and I succumbed to an early-evening nap. It was supposed to last 10 minutes. Mine lasted an hour and a half, and J is still in there snoring soundly. (My motto: Let sleeping husbands sleep!) I had serious bed-head and had no kitchen aspirations, and needed a couple last minute things from the corner store before the interview tomorrow morning.

So I went, I bought, and I succumbed to the nearby Chinese take-out's siren song. Or soy sauce wail?

We had Mongolian beef and lo mein noodles. And enough sodium therein for me to retain water like a camel.

So if, perchance, you happen upon me in the next 48 hours...I'm the one with the hump...!


farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Ah to have my very own chef for times like that!
Kung pao chicken with peanuts (lots of them) is my all time fave. MMMM I know why it called to you it was the "soy sauce wail"---I hear it all the time too.

Robbyn said...

Yum! Can you believe I've never had Kung Pao chicken? (I'll have to try that...)

Probably because when I discovered Szechuan Beef, I went through a decade where anything I ordered was Szechuan Something. I discovered the words "extra hot" mean something ENTIRELY different in Asian and Indian cuisine than in American. But I've adapted.

It even transferred to sushi rolls. My daughter watches in amazement when I make the wasabi and soy combination mostly wasabi, a green slurry. When you dip some spicy salmon in THAT, it rips your sinuses to new!