Thursday, March 15, 2007

More Blogs of Note

I'm the new one here, and these wonderful blogs precede my entry into blogland. These are more outstanding blogs I've added to the growing list of informative, intelligent, and fascinating rambles down the homesteading and foodie backroads. It's so wonderful to have so many choices and to hear the global dialogue on so many important levels, especially in matters of homesteading, sustainability, supportive legislation, heritage farming methods, related philosphies and their applications, and practical skills. As regards the foodie sites, I must say my weekly menus (and my willingness to be more daring with culinary experimentation) have benefitted!

These are only brief descriptions, since I am behind on any sort of blog tidiness since I get a little beside myself, and keep finding so many good ones to add.

To fully appreciate the blog addict's experience, all one has to do is to start with one really good foodie or homesteading blog. Of course, you read the recent entry, and if any links are cited, you follow them. And then, since there's such an amazing meeting of the minds, you track back to the original to see who's on THEIR blogroll, and notice names of other blogs there you've never peeked at. So, glancing at the clock, you decide you may have the time for just one last donkey trail of delight, and you click.

Repeat this process, and forget to look at the clock for some time. After all, this is important're finding recipes you could actually try because they seem so easy, or the pictures and descriptions have your stomach growling in anticipation. Or the homesteading site mentioned a particular animal you've been curious about, and oh Look, they have the same sorts of chickens you'd love to raise. Oh, this person is starting seeds, and you've never heard of that sort of vegetable. Wait, they have pictures of something they tried that's so great to implement in the garden, and you'd never have thought of that! Etc...etc...

I find it's really fun becoming transfixed on a really good blog trail and quickly losing any sense of the passing of time, usually while something for dinner simmers on the stovetop... and just in time to retrieve it before setting off the smoke alarm...maybe. I don't always make it in time, but such are great occasions for the invention of cooking classics such as Beef Stew al Carbon, Blackened Potato Salad, or perhaps a batch of crusty Oven-Roasted Cupcakes (dually useful for self-defense).

Here are some more the irresistable reads (in no particular order) that will keep me in smoke detector batteries for many meals to come:

1. A3

2. Pure Florida

3. Cooking with Yiddishe Mama

4. Needs More Garlic

5. Stop the Ride!

6. Walk Slowly, Live Wildly

7. Green, Blue, Brown

8. Plan Be

9. Dirt Under My Nails

10. Fast Grown the Weeds

11. Talk of Tomatoes

12. The Good Life

Each one of these is a treasure-trove of intelligence, perspective, and wit, and deserving of far more specific mention than I can put here. But I wanted to acknowledge them now before the list grows too much longer! My many thanks to their authors who share with such excellence and good humor.

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janelle said...

Thank you for the shout-out! I was chuckling all the way through your post, knowing that I can just 'get in line' for that same blog-trailing experience that so many of us fall into! I cannot tell you how many times I am blitzing away through so many great reads only to realize that again, it is 6pm and I haven't even started on dinner!!!!

So glad to track back to find you!