Thursday, March 8, 2007

More Land Stuff

I made some calls today, and now I have some realtors sending me info from here and there. It seems that unless a person has the $$ to buy really large parcels of land (100 plus), there are reasons the sellers sometimes don't want to divide it into 20-50 acre lots, or less.

It seems to have a lot to do with it being considered a subdivision, and the corresponding state or county authorities have restrictions on HOW such a thing can be accomplished, all which adds much time and expense to the equation...depending on what area you're talking about. Apparently, it didn't use to be this difficult. That's why often times in real estate listings, you'll find 1-10 acre "lots" as part of a "development," but the sizes available beyond that jump considerably to 100-1,000 acres or more. I'm not seeing all that much in between, at least here where we are.

Were we to try for out-of-state, there are places we could buy much, much more affordably. And with fewer, if any, restrictions.

That warms the cockles of my heart, but I'm not thinking we'll be relocating far afield at this point, much as I might wish otherwise. It just slays me how expensive any property here is.

Anyway, it's fun getting feedback, and now I have some realtors sending me property information.

I need to do some research to see what we'd have to offer if we happen on anything that's affordable and a good situation.

I need to do 1031 exchange research. That is one way my husband is thinking we might be able to utilize a property he already has, but which is not useable to us, since it's on the water and is in the city limits. The taxes are going to be high and it's a lot. We want privacy and animals and low taxes...and seclusion.

We'll see what happens. I 'll keep researching...

If any other websters out there have experience in this sort of thing, I'd love to gain from your experiences!

OK, I'm off to plan meals for this week, and clear the dishes before bed. I hope to do some baking tomorrow before shabbat!

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