Friday, March 16, 2007

Computer Eejit

I keep company with lower life forms when it comes to computer proficiency. Don't feel sorry for's rather peaceful here in the primordial ooze of technological denial.

Apologies for the recent linking errors due to my Haste to Paste...I had repeat https where you're supposed to cut and paste the links. Oops! Were it not for the courtesy of James (The Good Life), it would have been a while before I noticed anything was amiss.

I'd like to have a more jaunty and less sophomoric look to my blog's graphics, but I'm stuck in the land of Blogger Reliance. I looked back over alternate templates, but....nuttin'. I'd like a personalized header graphics bar thingy (not sure that's the right word for it) know, the part where the title and header text goes? Something to personalize it for more individuality.

When I get my INSTAMATIC (yes, again, no flashy digital cam yet!) photos going, I do at least know how to include them in the posts. We'll see how that goes.

But as far as the template, some day I'll maybe get downright saucy with design...or at least personalize it. Not now, though. I did try last night. I went into the blogger html, looked around with the trepidation akin to Greenpeacers touring a nuclear plant, backed out hastily lest I push the wrong button and find my blog combusting with a huge bang to smithereens.

Someday, I shall consult an expert, who will then use his/her superior faculties to take my hand and help me get a bit more advanced. When I'm ready, and not intimidated.

Probably a friend's fifth grader sometime over the summer break...?

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