Wednesday, March 7, 2007

And Tonight's Dinner Was...


We wearily pulled into a Cracker Barrel, took our number, and plunked down at a shellacked wooden table. We took turns playing the triangular peg puzzle and trying to beat the other person's record. We ordered. They got the order wrong. We nursed our water and lemon till the partial order finally came, they promised us the rest, and we tucked into it with great gusto. Sated with cornbread and warm food, we laughed and talked and didn't care quite what we were eating. We just got pleasantly full, sleepy, and 20 dollars poorer. And loved every minute of it!

For two folks who are trying to move towards simplicity and eating ONLY our own homemade and homegrown food, I guess this week is a record for eating out. Well, no one ever said progress was overnight. Tonight's meal at least had THE primary essential ingredient... happiness!


(I'll keeping trying for the higher ground over the long term...)


farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

"trying to move towards simplicity"---takes a lot of work and does sometimes require a meal out--at least from my experience :-D We fortunately have found a very very good family run chinese restaurant to eat at. At least we can say we are supporting a local family when we eat there-- though we too are usually about $20 poorer after the fact! That's "simply" less money for simplicity"s needs (wood,nails,screws) now isn't it?! :-D

Robbyn said...

Yes, you're right!

It adds up!

The health aspect is another consideration I'm trying to remember, too. At least when I cook, I know what's really in my food. (except for meat I'm buying from the supermarket)

I'm learning to be more aware in my decision-making. And I'm working on the D word...discipline :)

If I can strike a better balance, I'll be happy and save some 20 bucks, while gladly still contributing (perhaps less often than I do now? lol) to the cause of continuing Chinese gastronomic relations