Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Lettuce is Up!

Wow, I've never grown lettuces before. A few days ago, I planted a mesclun mix in a couple flats and around the bottoms of my infant tomato plants. They're up!!

And they're soooo cute!! (Sorry, can't think of any other description) I think for fun I'll fill a box top with some more potting mix and write messages with more lettuce seeds for my daughter and husband and watch an "instant message" grow for them...ha!

The Roma tomato plants (2) that bit the dust and then came back after our Two Days of Freak Freeze (that's our equivalent of a blizzard here in Florida) not only came back strong, but now they're erupting in blooms and tiny tomatoes....already! I counted fifteen today!

I've got to get a camera. I know people have seen lettuce before, but it's just so much FUN watching things sprouting. I've got them in a piece of shade that gets a little sun in the afternoon. The tomatoes are further out, in pots, to get more sun. Still hoping the recent Mr. Stripeys and Beefsteaks will continue hanging in there. They were looking a little disgruntled when I first planted them, but they seem to be perking along now. We'll see. They're only six inches tall, or maybe eight so far. I just put little twigs in a little teepee around them to keep them from being windblown. As they get larger, I'll figure out how we'll best support them.

My grandma used old bits of pantyhose to secure hers to supports. It never broke or scarred the tender vines.

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