Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fully Nyquillated







farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

So sorry Robbyn :-(
Had it earlier this year. YUK!
Double yuk for you----- since the weather is nice.
Hope your well quick. At least you can get orange juice where you're at :-D

El said...

Oh you poor thing, Robbyn. I despise being sick, too!

You asked, so I will tell you I know of one Jewish farmer, but she NEVER blogs about farming. Kind of annoying, that, considering she owns a CSA. Her name is Sharon. http://casaubonsbook.blogspot.com/

I've only scratched the surface of your blog, but it does sound like you are trying to do what we are doing. We've been here a bit over 2 years now. Feel free to email me back through my blog! (I would directly email you but couldn't find out how to do it...)

And I had to think but I was almost 40 when we bought this place, so if that helps...

Robbyn said...

Thanks so much for the well-wishes :)

I was fighting off something for days but was reluctant to take the antibiotics unless just really necessary. Started them two nights ago. Still dragging today, but becoming human again! Potted things for an hour outside, shopped, and made dinner. Guess being indispensable (ha!) gets a gal back on her feet again.

Yes, Monica, great oranges! Thanks for the link, El, and welcome! You have a great blog going, and looks like both you and Monica are having chicken fun! (My day shall come and I'll pester you both for advice...)

My day's over...thanks for the Contagion Empathy :)