Monday, March 12, 2007

Aha...THAT'S Where I Saw it!

Deb at the Smitten Kitchen gets a very belated credit for the cauliflower and Yukon gold potato recipe that I tried two weeks ago. I had glutted my computer file with recipes to try, so hastily (and with stomach rumbling), that I had a hard time figuring out later which ones were from whom.

I was just now reading some blogs, and was enjoying Julie's recent Bad Home Cooking update, when I saw her mention the exact Indian cauliflower recipe from Smitten Kitchen. Which now has me craving Indian again, and backtracking to give credit where credit is due.

So many apologies, and all the credits go to Deb for the lack of former mention...and here is her wonderful page, in case you want to see what all the cauliflower excitement is about! :) I'm on overload from all the great recipes on her site, and so many with photos that make you want to throw the most amazing creations least she makes it seem so easy!

It's elevated cauliflower from bland bystander to full throttle savory side in my kitchen.

Thanks, Deb!

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