Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trying to Shake This Off

I'm feeling mildly blue, and there have been a lot of changes in the past two weeks. Sometimes things change so fast in our circumstances, it makes my head swim.

I'm also wrestling with infernal writer's block, being overwhelmed over little things, and a kind of seasonal blah. Quite blue that my daughter is leaving home for the first time, though in many ways it may be that time.

I'm also stunned with how little privacy there is out there with accessing private information. I found out that a network provider has been charging my credit card, and recently MY BANK ACCOUNT, simply noted on my statement as "credit card purchase" or some such, for YEARS without my catching it. What's so frightening about that?

1. They will not provide me with any proof of my initial sign-up
2. I have to speak with some service person in India in order to even discuss the details, and they cannot tell me WHAT credit card they debited all those years "because of security reasons" (WHOSE security??)
3. I have an account with them I never remember opening in the first place
4. I have only had this card for 1 year. They indicated I have had this account and have been paying on it since 2004. My question...if they originally charged it to another credit card, and THIS year changed over to my bank account debit card, HOW DID THEY GET MY NEW CARD/BANK ACCOUNT INFO??? I never had it before this year!
5. To have this investigated for fraud, since I never caught the charge marked "credit card purchase" on my monthly statement for nearly an entire year(thinking it was for incidentals) the bank official advised I would probably not win, and would be assessed for an unnecessary complaint.
6. I had to deposit half of this week's grocery money to cover any possible overdraft charges that MIGHT happen since the company has now cancelled my service (WHAT SERVICE?? you know, the one I Never Had)but will still want October's "payment." Ugh. Yes, we are eating macaroni. AGAIN.

I did get a few things done, though.

1. Got a number of thank you notes out...still have some to go.
2. All meals were homemade this week...not a big deal for some, but for me, it is. ALL were homemade.
3. Researched the real estate market, did drive-bys, etc in the hopes of seeing what chances we have of selling any of Jack's remaining vacant lots. There is no movement, NONE. Nevertheless, we'll list them.
4. Haven't been using much in the way of heating/AC. In fact, no heat, and only the occasional AC to tone it down a bit after cooking in the kitchen.
5. The yarn came in. Do all yarns look so small? I wonder if one ball is going to be enough to knit an adult-sized cap?
6. Had everything ready for shabbat this week. Jack's knee was killing him and he couldnt go anywhere Friday night...he'd done a lot of work on the lot next door and had aggravated his leg.
7. Got some important mailings and letter writing done.
8. Weight loss is still at 6 lbs since first of year is 12 lbs.
9. Lots of talk with daughter. She recently bought a very nice Tanakh, and I gave her my favorite Friedman Torah w/commentary. Jack will be helping her look for a vehicle. She's for sure moving soon. I'm very sad about it.
10. Neighbor brought a half trailer load of horse manure, adding it to the trailer load he brought last weekend. Jack's been digging beds, relocating the dug-up hardpan to the side of the house that needs leveling for additional parking, and filling the beds with the manure. We're adding stuff to that and then will keep it moist to overwinter and rot down well. Not to concerned with things like weeds, just want it nice and fertile.
11. Went to the library's weekly gardening meeting, my first time. Not a lot going on there, except we're probably not going to try fooling with trying to graft our immature from-seed mango and avocado starts, and might just plant them out next door for the sake of not wasting them. Frustrating not being able to have something viable from a seed that really worked hard and grew so well. Brighter side -- snagged a handout from the University of Florida, Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide. Supposedly we have an ongoing planting season from now till January or February...I'm SO not used to that, being from TN :)

Boring...hope to be back with more inspiration at some point.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I hope you had a blessed Shabbat. I enjoyed being able to worship without "riding herd" on a six-year-old. (Can you tell parenting doesn't come easily to me?)

We certainly live in different ecosystems, you and I!

Gina said...

Wow, that would so make me mad (the credit card thing). I recently had a similar issue on my debit card. It a charge for $9.80. Apparently, for charges under $10, a bank will not persue it as fraud. I was not happy. I ended up cancelling my card and getting a new number, but the bank shrugged off the "just under $10" charge. I know it's not much, but if you add up all the cards they fraud, you can bet they aren't eating macaroni!

i have often laughed at all our homeland security garbage whenever I call one of my cards or services and get India. They already have enough info to bring most of us down to our knees. And, they don't even have to physically touch us!

i really hope the blues decides to move on soon for you. Every blue episode is individually oriented, but I have had enough in my life to know it isn't a fun experience.


PS I too am struggling with writer's block of late and I think my WNDiN posts are horrible.

jayedee said...

you are so not alone......i just found out aol has been charging my account for 4 years! i was livid!

Nola @ the Alamo said...

I had a similar charge appearing on my card for about 6 months, thinking it was hubby's. When I called the credit card company, they told me to call the company charging me, and if they wouldn't refund, or at least stop from that point on, to tell them that I was filling out a complaint with the credit card company. At first they refused to help in any way, but when I said "in that case, i have been advised to notify the credit card company of your action and file a complaint with them", then the company said they'd make an exception to their rule and stop charging me and refund 6 months back. I ended up paying for 2 months, so i guess i won. It is so easy for them, how many people do they charge and never get caught!

Paulette said...

Wow Robbyn, that is terrible, and a reminder to me that I don't always double check charges and debits closely enough. I will now.

Hope you feel better soon. I think changing seasons sometimes bring on the blues. Add in your daughter moving on, UGH. That's a hard one, I've done it with two. When my son left for college, I had to keep his bedroom door closed, because everytime I passed by I'd break down. But we have to let them move on and grow up.
I'm sorry. It's sad.

Robbyn said...

Michelle, thanks, we did! We do live in different ecosystems...took a look at your gorgeous pics of your lovely!

Gina, yeah, I wasn't happy about it. Makes you wonder how much somebody is raking in with these low-end fraudulent charges. thanks for the encouragement :) I count my blessings, too, and just let myself be sad if that 's what I need. I still am grateful, and love the quote by robert louis stevenson "The world is so full of a number of things, I think we should all be as happy as kings"'s kind of childlike, but so true. I need to look harder at the wonderful things, and this other stuff will pass in its own time. Your WDIN posts are some of my favorite, btw!!

Jayedee, sheesh, how do they get away with this??

Nola, whew, so it's not just me?? They did tell me at the bank to get a bank credit card instead of using the debit one with the credit card logo, and that way if I need to contest the charge it's easier if it's a straight up credit card (I hope I understood that clearly)

Paulette, thanks! I knew this day had to come, but wasn't quite prepared for my daughter to be going at this point. Ah, well...just won't be stopping by her room any more than necessary right now, TOO HARD

Killi said...

My eldest left home over 3 years ago, as did my middle one. To be accurate my son ran away from home the day we moved & stayed away until there was no chance of his moving with us. Eldest is now 20 & married, son is 17. I still have 1 at home (12) & so many animals to keep me company. Sending eldest to Playgroup affected me more than her leaving home! I don't know how I'll feel when Annon leaves, maybe pack up my Waggon, sign the house over & go?

Just think ~ you've made an independent, confident person