Friday, November 7, 2008

Additional Note to Pine Needle Tea Post

This is a follow up to the prior post on pine needle tea...great response from friends out there!

I'll clarify a couple things...I'm not sure what sort of pine this was, but I'm positive it was a pine. Be SURE it is, and not some other evergreen...some are poisonous, others not, but pines are fine.

I wanted to say that when I drank mine, I'd steeped it (the pine needles with boiling water poured over) for 10 minutes before drinking. Sources I read said to let it steep for 20 minutes minimum, or you can even leave it overnight. I wonder how this affects the taste? DO strain off the needles before drinking...I really want to know how that tastes, if anyone out here tries it! :)

Further reading suggested to pick the tender newer growth towards the ends of the boughs, if that's any help to any who're going to try it. Also remember not to use anything that's been sprayed...

Can't wait to see what others think. Maybe I have weird taste in liquids, but it was so pleasant, I just had to have more!

Also, remember...don't drink if there's any possibility you're pregnant, might be pregnant, or are trying to contributes to miscarriages, supposedly. I know I posted that in the prior post, but just wanted to repeat :)

OK, now I'll stop being paranoid...just had to come clarify a tad.

I'll be making this for Jack this week, and if it needs a little jazzing up, I'll squeeze a fresh lemon or lime and maybe add a touch of sweetner (even though I liked it best As Is), because even though I'm not going to be drinking it regularly (yet...we're always up for getting pregnant though I'm infertile as yet), Jack could really use the power boost to his immune system and the vitamin C...what a great way to get it!

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Killi said...

After 2 unplanned pregnacies here this year & Annon announcing that she would like a baby sister, I think I might try drinking the pine tea! Of course, it would need a man around to cause anything to happen...