Monday, November 10, 2008

First Coffee Beans fact, they are the only coffee beans our coffee plants put out this year.
Think we'll get a good teaspoon or so of brew from them? ;-)


fullfreezer said...

I'm impressed that you have ANY coffee beans. I guess living in a warm climate has it's 'perks'.

Alan said...

Wow! Jealous. We'll be somewhere around 28 tonight. Not good for coffee plants. C thinks we should have one in the greenhouse next to the citrus trees and avocado. I keep telling myself that we can grow things that people in warm climates cant, but I can't think of any right now. Enjoy your coffee.

barbara (in Tennessee) said...

Robbyn, Your initiative and imagination inspire me!! Those coffee beans look amazing, Juan Valdez has nothin' on you, huh? Tell us more about how you started this, or can I find the story in your archives somewhere?

BTW, my 3 gynura plants that I received a month or so ago are growing gung ho in their little pots in the kitchen window.


Robbyn said...

Fullfreezer...LOL, good one! (as in good to the last drop? argggh lol)

Alan, you can sure grow a lot of flowers in your climate that we can't here, and likely apple trees, cherry trees, berries, etc grow well in your climate, where they don't here at all. You can have buddleia bushes and lilacs, right? Love those! There are always tradeoffs. Let's see if the poor coffee plants survive US...we're so new at this we're not sure what we're doing right or wrong :)

Barbara, if you saw my pile of junk on the back porch and all the 5 gallon paint buckets full of partially dormant plants, you might just laugh :) We found some coffee plants on sale this year, and bought some, thinking we'll utilize them when we get some land...what I'm wondering is how they'll survive us till then. Wow, I didn't know you had the gynura! You can use their leaves pretty young sliced and sauteed along with some spinach or any other green you already like...I like their taste better mixed in with other things, even raw but sliced very thin in with other salad greens. We use them for their health benefits more than for a unique taste, but my husband likes their taste and eats them raw...I prefer them mixed in with others. I'd love to know how you end up using them!