Sunday, November 2, 2008

NAIS, A Threat to Everyone

I highly recommend reading Monica's recent article on this subject...I'll mention it more in this post. Her article is thorough and a really important read...this is a crucial time period in history and our freedoms are at stake in a very real way.

The implementation of the so-called "voluntary" National Animal Identification System and its cousin The Real I.D. monitoring system, are both are current, real, and active systems threatening our basic freedoms guaranteed by the 1st, 4th, 5th, and 14th Amendments to the U.S.Constitution.

Here are excerpts from this site as to how:

1st Amendment violation -- some faiths "cannot comply with the Department's proposed program because it violates their First Amendment right to free exercise. For example, the Old Order Amish believe they are prohibited from registering their farms or animals in the proposed program due to, inter alia, Scriptural prohibitions."

4th Amendment Violation - "The Department proposes surveillance of every property where even a single animal of any livestock species is kept; and to require, at a minimum, the radio-frequency identification tagging of every animal...
...In these instances, the "premises" that the Department plans to subject to GPS satellite surveillance and distance radio-frequency readingare the homes of these tens of millions of citizens. The government is not permitted to use sense-enhancing technologies to invade the privacy of citizens' homes. The sanctity of the home is entitled to privacy protection in circumstances where an industrial complex is not.
This is not speculation."

5th and 14th Amendment Violations - "The proposed NAIS is the first attempt by the federal government at forced registration in a huge, permanent federal database of individual citizens' real property (the homes and farms where animals are kept) and personal property (the animals themselves). Indeed, the only general systems of permanent registration of personal property in the United States are systems administered by the individual states for two items that are highly dangerous if misused: motor vehicles and guns. It is difficult to imagine any acceptable basis for the Department to subject the owner of a chicken to more intrusive surveillance than the owner of a gun..."

Please read the full article here

If this sounds like conspiracy theory material, survivalist paranoia, Orwellian Big Brother-ism, or Sci-Fi convention propaganda, think again.

I've written about it here, as have so many others on their sites. Monica's article at Women Not Dabbling in Normal is excellent, and I'm posting here to head folks to her excellent NAIS post's the link.

By the way, if you think we can opt out by not opting FOR these, we're mistaken. Farmers are routinely included on the NAIS lists without their knowledge, and to not be included automatically in the program must then identify themselves as a farm not wishing to participate (which i believe singles them out further)...and as of yet are not legally provided with a comprehensive registry list in order to determine if they are still on it or not. Please check out Monica's article...excellent!


AnnJo said...

Thanks for this article. Now I see why Obama needs this new Civilian National Security force he's planning (besides having a place to put all the people he's going to throw out of work in the coal industry, the health care industry, the boating industry, the auto industry, small businesses, and whatever other industry he's mentioned bankrupting lately).

Gina said...

Scary stuff, indeed. I can say absolutely it reaches through and across and under and around all parties involved.

Alan said...

There was a good article in the November issue of Dairy Goat Journal written by a high school junior named Maria Magaldi. She started it as a research project because another young goat keeper had been "forced into" NAIS compliance in order to show her animals. There are also regular updates in ACRES magazine about NAIS in various states. More info about stopping NAIS and other "food safety" programs can be found at said...

Love the article!

Annjo makes a very valid point! I'm glad I voted!