Thursday, November 6, 2008

Home Comforts

Hot spiced pumpkin bread, just out of the oven, dabbed with real butter and drizzled with a couple swirls of honey...oh yes! I love making comfort food!

My return to an outside job has been delayed again till next week.

I love being at home. I've been cooking up a storm, trying to stretch everything. Most things taste pretty good when stretched :)

Now, we're eating down our pantry. I discovered a few cans of canned pumpkin and wondered how I might use them.

Then I remembered Kathie's spiced squash bread, which can also be made with pumpkin.

I made it up, with a few substitutions based upon what was at hand (and what wasn't, such as cranberries or raisins) and one loaf was make per the recipe and with the other, I rolled the dough flat after the first rising, and spread it with butter, dark brown sugar and cinnamon, and rolled it back up into a loaf for the second rise ...

Both were delicious! The cinnamon one didn't daughter made off with a sizeable hunk, and requests for more...

A house suffused with the warm fragrance of baking bread, cinnamon, and ginger...mmm!


Donna said...

OK, now I'm hungry. I have an incredible urge to bake, this time of year. Of course, Cliff and I don't need the calories. So I have to be careful and limit my baking.

amanda o said...

i want to come to your house!

Nola @ the Alamo said...

I am going to have to post my pumpkin dump cake recipe soon; it is yummy and ez; a good way to use up pumpkin.
I liked the papaya post below, too.

Kathie said...

Love the idea of making it into cinnamon type rolls... yumm.

Robbyn said...

Donna...yes, I should be more careful. It's hard balancing the frugality vs the carbs (for me, at least it is)

Amanda...come on! As long as you don't take pictures to immortalize my messy house, you're welcome :)

Nola, oh that does sound good!

Kathie, I think the pumpkin/squash makes it even richer and more "comforty" than WAS yum! (none left now, ha)