Friday, April 27, 2007

Closed for the Night/Day

SO grateful at the end of this week.......taking a big breath...

Oh the past hour, we've had SO much happen!

J found out he is getting his VERY VERY prayed-for wish of NOT having to do guard duty on shabbat!!!! AND his hours were just increased to 40...a full week! Can we say THANK YOU, YHVH, and can we also say YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!????

That is SO HUGE!!!

And that's not all. Our friends who live an hour away, who are like-minded in many ways, AND who live in the country, are considering swapping a rural property they own just down the road from their house (5 acres, they have 40) for two of the properties we've been trying to swap/trade. The acreage has a pond on it already, and a mobile home with renters. They're talking, and we're talking, and if it doesnt work out, it's friendship first business second...always. But if it DID work out, we could ease ourselves that direction over the course of the next two years (daughter's school is here for now) AND we could have a rental income to help pay off debt.

Holding my breath and trying to keep a cool head....if it doesnt work out, there will be something else great, I'm positive. So of course, this is a matter for more praying...which makes me know that the ultimate direction has a purpose greater than our present understanding.

In any case, this has served to give me a HUGE shot of joy just now, and just in time for Friday night. I'm home this week to light the candles!

So grateful for God's kindness to us, and His provision...

for husband and daughter and friends

and blogs and acreages and my tomatoes growing like crazy making me so happy

for medicine and Xrays showing no broken bones

for friends across the miles who are my sages and confidantes

for others' happinesses!

for 24 hours of guilt-free rest

for actually liking most of my daughter's friends, especially THAT one

for protection and the safety we've been fortunate to enjoy

for so much, especially much-needed encouragement when we try to go forward, during the waiting period

May your days be full and fulfilling, your table have comfort and plenty, and your next 24 hours be full of rest and joy.

Shabbat shalom! :)


El said...

What a week for you!

Keeping my fingers crossed for you about the land swap. Five acres is PLENTY (believe me: it's a tailchase I do every weekend just to keep things together on ours) and if you have a pond wowza so much the better. And who knows, maybe you can shack up in the trailer home while you build something more to your liking.

We visited our hobby-farm owning friend in WI when we were up in MN last week, and she said that, though she is 53, she's getting creaky. It makes her crazy that she can't go out and party after she does all her farm chores (she has horses, sheep, goats and chickens) like she probably could when she was in her 20s. So she draws a bath, puts a robe on afterward and then goes out onto her screened-in sleeping porch with a glass of wine and says, well, this is it. This land is mine, these creaky bones are mine. And I would rather be noplace else in the world.

So all I can hope is the same for you!!

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Thinking of you---and I have faith that GOD has your best interests in mind. (of course!!)

Robbyn said...

Thank you, El and Monica, for the encouragement :)

I'm holding my breath about many things, and I do hope some of them work out. I tell my husband that the best part of my life is my daughter and him, and everything else is gravy.

He (hubby) is very motivated at this point, and I hope something gives soon (maybe the 5 acres??) so I can see my man doing what he most enjoys...working outdoors on his own land. Thinking of THAT motivates me...

creaky bones and all (grinning)

Whatever gives, I owe you two a big thanks for being my cheering section towards these goals. Thank you so much!