Friday, April 13, 2007

A View from the Porch

Wow, what a week!

I'm still parttiming at the Flying W, and I discovered that walking 8 straight hours on concrete floors, lifting and squatting and such while giving friendly service, etc is like having a very draconian personal trainer. Ibuprofen and I are now inseparable friends. Footrubs are coveted. Bursitis is staved off only by prayer and MORE ibuprofen. Bills are paid and debt trickles downward, according to The Plan.

Life is good :)

I get home very late some of these evenings, so my farewells-to-the-day on the back porch via folding chair and cold glass of iced tea watching the sun go down, may temporarily be a thing of the least most days.

Despite the mosquitos, those peaceful dusks on the porch are much loved by me. I really like the quiet. The cardinals come for a last try at the sunflower seed feeder. The doves call and the flocks of different birds all head to their sleeping destinations. And the sunsets.....ohh!

They are all different, even moment by moment. By the time you can run inside to grab The Cheap Instamatic, the scene has changed. The colors are random and nuanced. Deep coral, fuschia, persimmon, salmon, peach, garnet, crimson, vermillion, azure, cerulean, rose, blush, mother-of-pearl, amber....and gradations of color without adequate names. Clouds in tiers, or snippets, or wisps, or skeins, or flourishes. A ceiling of sunset, or a horizon of receding light. Each sunset is its own grand dame taking her deep curtsies before exiting...sometimes demurely, sometimes with a sashay and a flounce.

I recommend a porch with a sunset view. Every day should end with awe.

The blog is now closed for 24 hours.

I'm grateful for this week.
For family, friends, health, blogs, plants, the rain that finally came, job, and these two creatures that graced my path during the past few days...

this one (American Bald Eagle) who flew right over the road in front of us...

and this one (Great Horned Owl), who was perched, dignified, atop a neighbor's house roof napping the day away...

May your dusks be colorful, your sore feet be rubbed, and your night be restful!

Shabbat shalom :)

Photos from these sources:

1. Sunset: My cheap instamatic

2. Bald Eagle:

3. Great Horned Owl:


El said...

I'm glad you had a great week. Happy day of rest to you.

One of our porches faces southwest, though there's a pretty hefty forest across the street blocking our sunset views (not that it's a bad thing). But this time of year, when the deciduous trees are still bare, we can definitely see the colors and sometimes the sun itself.

I'm always curious about what colors we could see if we could actually see the whole spectrum. Technicolor dreams for sure!

Jo said...

Here here on the sunset porch! One thing we don't have to build, buy or make at our place is the sunset. It recharges me every time.
Cheers to you on persevering with the PT job, in spite of the extra physical strain. It will quickly pay off, and in no time you'll be sipping tea at sundown without the handful of ibuprofen.
Do you have excellent support in your shoes? Seriously--if I were on cement for hours in a day, I would need solid support and good cushioning. The pain works its way up otherwise.