Sunday, April 1, 2007


...ACK! I'm so behind, and it's MY fault. I'm supposed to be done with all the backed-up housework by now, or rather, I'm supposed to be a much better manager so that it doesn't get backed up at all. We did quite a bit of digging out today, but I'm slooowwwwwer than I thought I'd be, and I still have much staring me in the face before the Big Passover Deadline. A few hours and counting!

I can't clean without rearranging, and then I get into things like sorting through old magazines and throwing things out. Then you have to find something to do with THOSE piles and run them to Goodwill or wherever... :) There's a fine line between saving things for recycling and just collecting more piles of stuff. I'm getting better about getting rid of those "Someday" piles. I got overwhelmed trying to do too many projects today, and J took me out for dinner so I wouldn't have to worry about the kitchen tonight (it's still not all the way finished and I have everything dragged out all on the counters, eek). We had fun, and now I'm home, and the elves somehow did not find my kitchen and clean it while I was gone (why does the shoemaker have all the luck??)

New resolution of the resolution of the resolution of the resolution: Get better organized!

Gotta get back to it now. The main thing is to get everything clean and get all leaven-ly stuff out of the house. And to fix a week's food without any sort of leaven. Not so hard, but I have to concentrate since I haven't been doing this all my life and it's not second nature yet.

Garden update:

The raccoons have been using two of the boxes I had planted in peppers and eggplants for a sandbox. We'll see if anything dares to try sprouting in the next couple of weeks. Thankfully, so far they've left the other things unmolested.

The lettuce continues to grow great guns! Some of the mesclun leaflets are now a blush red color. It's all about 3-4" high and looking pretty healthy.

I'm having to water at least once a day, since everything's in pots or flats and is in partial shade, except the tomatoes, which are in nearly full sun. They seem to have hardened off fine, but I was a few hours delayed in their watering and they were stressing already. I'm going to have to be diligent, because it's looking like clear skies and high temps here for a while. No sign of rain yet.

The three fig trees we were wondering about, which we planted last fall and which had a few near-death experiences over the winter, seem to be bouncing back...again. J had mounded up so much soil at their bases that it looks like they're sprouting out of mini-hills in the backyard. I think I might sow nasturstiums around them to see if nasturstiums will grow from seed, and to utilize the soil there...everything else we have is hardpan, and we're short of amendments to "season" the soil with just yet. Just trying to use up what we have for now. I'm wondering if the figs will make it, and how much they'll grow this summer, if so.

I'm excited about the Romas. Yes, it's a little thing, getting excited about two tomato plants. They are the two that I had early this year that died back in our 3 days of freak freeze. 2 nights I remembered to cover them, but the third...ah...oops. They died back all the way to the ground. In my procrastination, I left the pot out there unattended, and they came back...and now we counted 21 green tomatoes chugging along. Hey, soon I might actually have enough things for our own homegrown salad! (this sounds like a hoot to you veteran gardeners! baby steps...)

I'll be able to focus on more fun gardening things soon, but first...duty calls. Procrastination has left the BEST for LAST tonight, of course! I GET to go iron work clothes, make lunches, clean the kitchen, and clear off the Odds and Ends Burial Ground (the kitchen table) ALL before bed...ha!

Tomorrow will be fun, though. I'll be making holiday food, and then we'll slow down and ENJOY the clean house and (somewhat) order, which is probably the whole point :)

Uhoh, need to take sheets out of dryer so hubby can SLEEP...

Blogging about organization was further procrastination??...arggh :)

Back when the floor's clean...

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