Thursday, April 26, 2007


Well, I guess they're a part of the process, too!

It appears ladders and my knees are no longer on friendly terms. What I thought were overly-zealous knee complaints last week are now my Left Knee's Glorious Revolution, in which I have been liberated from walking normally and must now adopt a gait somewhere between Fred Sanford and a cat hip-hopping stiff-legged through wet grass.

But I did manage to finally stake my tomato plants, right in the pots, with pre-fab fake rebar thingies. And make some of the Oh So Important Deadlines for my daughter's summer nursing adult program (just after high school). And graduation preparations. Between appointments, waiting, more appointments, and more waiting of the past few days...and layabouts with leg-on-pillow...I've not yet taken advantage of the sage advice of my more experienced contemporaries and separated the tomatoes I'd put into pots two at a time. So we'll see if they'll survive my sporadic attentions, or lack thereof. We are now harvesting the first few Romas, but there are a slew of green ones that'll likely all ripen at once.

I spent from 9:15 this morning till 4:00 waiting in The Lines People Who Don't Have Health Insurance Wait In For Healthcare Advice and Eligibility, just to be told this is not quite THEIR domain, Miss, and please go back to your supervisor and file an incident report. (Cold chills, brrr...)

I'm going a very unfamiliar route, but everyone's saying it's necessary and to just "do the process" so here we go. For crying out loud, I just want to see what's wrong with Left Knee and pay someone for their trouble. Lessee what pans out...tomorrow's the much-awaited doc visit, woohoo. If nothing else, 'twill make those early AM loo visits a bit more do-able (TMI?), as I'm not today able to WALK AT ALL, and my rolling office chair has a humdinger of a time fitting nicely through some doorframes. And while I'm on the subject, may I offer my perception that any office titled "Injury Clinic" should (and I hope this is not over-the-top) have a spare wheelchair, cane, walker, or other medical thingy somewhere around for just this sort of occasion.

More homesteadish articling shall commence when the old gray mare (moi), who ain't what she USED to be, is home tomorrow for a good rest and all patched up.

And slicing up the one ripe Roma tomato three ways to be enjoyed by the fam while counting our blessings!

This makes me think along the lines of our dreams, most especially acreage and animals and other responsibilities we're hoping to have, and adapting those things to our limitations. Whether they are physical limitations, time limitations, monetary ones, etc, there will be limitations of SOME variety. This is just a reminder to take them into account, especially in the planning stages, rather than set ourselves up for something far too beyond our reach. We can build the different projects starting small and work our way up as far as is good for us. There is no single defining "way" to do it. Isn't that encouraging? It will also help us gear ourselves for more long-term stability rather than finding that as soon as we're able to realize some of these homesteading dreams down the road, we'll have to leave it because we've taken on a burdensome thing. I'm glad we're starting small. In a sense, it's still a big thing. Retiring all our debt is a really huge thing. I'm convinced it's just as viable a step as the land purchase, house building or renovations, husbandry and grass/native plant farming.

I ramble. I'm tired...bed for this gal :)

My hands smell like tomato plants. Life is GOOD! :)


Laurie said...

Okay, I know I'm late to this, but that comparison of your gait to Fred Sanford and a cat hip-hopping through wet grass is priceless. I can totally picture you. Does that show my age?

Anyway, I see that you're feeling better - good! I've been feeling my age this past week in my joints too. Makes no sense to me because I do not feel as old as my hip is telling me!

Robbyn said...

Well, perhaps we could moonlight as consultants to meteorologists as a side business, since our bones are so good at letting us know when rain is on the way...ha!

Dunno, but when I'm feeling particularly achey, it's funny remembering back to Fred Sanford's schtick "Oh, this is the big one! You hear that, Elizabeth? I'm comin' to join ya, honey!"

We're showing our age..ha! And it's fun :)