Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'm in Love: Part Two

My hubby walks in after his bath.

It's been a long day, and for him, a long day filled with lots of waiting...with me. He REALLY hates waiting rooms. The man doesn't like sitting still.

He must realllly LOVE me. He sat in waiting rooms till he was nearly twitching. We ran errands together. Stuff he had to help me do...mostly lending a strong arm or shoulder today.

At the verrryyy end of the verrryyyy long day, he took a verrryyyy welcome shower and reappeared as I sat here. His last errand run had been to the grocery store for lunch things. He approached me at the computer, claimed some kisses, and presented me with two little bags of organic dried fruit. I was surprised...I'm not a dried fruit enthusiast usually.

"One for your circulation" (he raised the bag of dried cherries, beamed a big smile, and kissed me again) "...and one for your eyes!" (the bag of dried blueberries.)

Ahhhhhh :)

And both for my heart

Loving that man....


Willa said...

Sorry about your knees- but what a wonderful husband. My moment like that came with mine came one night, when, vastly pregnant and hormonal, I wanted to take a bath but for some reason the bathtub was not clean and it made me cry. Chuck emerged from the bedroom (where he had been ASLEEP) and scrubbed the tub for me so I could bathe. I remember thinking "This is the actual definition of love"

Robbyn said...


those moments are what really last.

That's what I want for my daughter, too, when she has a family and household someday :)