Friday, April 27, 2007


I confess to an addiction to the short-run British series "Chef!" which I bought for my husband last year, after we made the mutual discovery we were closet Chef!-watchers. I don't qualify as a very apt foodie, but I have an appreciation for the true artistes, much as someone who never quite mastered piano beyond finally getting both hands to play in sync can appreciate the true artistry of a Chopin masterpiece. Chef! is a behind-the-scenes tongue-in-cheek series on the cutting-wit side of humor. Please censor with conscience, but there is enough about the series that send J and I into paroxyms of laughter so loud it embarrasses my daughter even from the safe distance of her bedroom.

I make no apologies ;-)

My daughter's best friend is training in the culinary arts, and she is an artiste already. I just found out she is applying for internship at a nearby (who knew??) organic farm which also runs a CSA, and she wants to work hands-on with organics in order to hone her kitchen skills to (get THIS...) train with the chef of a local restaurant who cooks only local organic foods. HOW cool is THAT?? My daughter, who hears so much of this already, began to glaze over when her friends and my conversation turned to pollinators, heirloom plants, etc. She abducted her for some recreation, but woooHOOOO that God arranges things with such exquisite irony...heh heh!!

I'm grounded for the time from standing too much, especially after a day's worth of nothing but more waiting rooms and parking lots, but tonight I think we'll keep it easy and do the homemade pizza thing. Sounds SO hard, but it's sooooooooooo easy! And everyone can pile on their own toppings so none goes to waste (though it WILL go to waist, I'm sure...heh heh) YUM :)

Over and out....till the weekend :)

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