Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pollinator Prep

In preparing for what I thought would be a list of great bee and pollintor-friendly plants, I'm finding I'm needing to lay a basic groundwork in my own education about the pollinators themselves and the actual process of pollination.

There are many thorough treatments of these topics out there, some of them funded by our own tax dollars. I'm finding so much material that I'm sorting through it as time allows.

The INTRO part of The Pollinator Happy-Plant list is going to consist of:


1. What is Pollination and How Does it Work?
2. Who's Doing the Pollinating

I found surprises in my reading so far regarding the list of pollinators. It's sobering, but also invigorating! Where there's information, there's a way to redirect efforts to restore.

Just making these notes right now so that you'll know where I'm beginning. The information shall be coming here soon :)

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