Tuesday, May 1, 2007

On the Mend

Thank you to the blog friends here for the well-wishes!

I think the knee is on the mend. I think, like anything else, progress will be "no pain, no gain." :)

But it is making me deal with another issue that will have to be addressed if we're to have our "best life"...losing weight. I may be 41 but if I get healthier, there's no reason I can't have the vigor of ten years ago. I'm making steps, and it's coming off slowly. That's ok! One of my biggest problems is wanting all our changes accomplished YESTERDAY...heh heh. So I'll project forward a year in my goal-setting. And try not to get bogged down in the details...they DO get done, and they, too, shall pass.

I've not had the time yet to go further with the pollinator project, but it's still sitting here in pieces waiting to be gathered together in some organized fashion. It will happen.

Life, in the meantime, is happening. Blog has to bow to life, as life right now is making multiple demands far away from the computer. So go the seasons and the tides :)

I'm very encouraged that my husband is prodding me to begin scribbling plans for a house to be built in stages...sort of "modules." It'll be bigger than a "tiny house," but still incorporate some of the things we most want and need without being very large. I'll journal the process of that, too, and ask for advice from those of you who've been down this road.

In the meantime, I'm STILL at the same workplace I'd thought I was leaving (long story)...for now, and my schedule has been changed to an early morning one through midday. That leaves some time for me to have with my fam, which I really like, though I am NOT an early morning person per se (yet).

This is all part of The Big Plan...what it takes to get us where we most want to be. And right now, we're also taking time to try to make the most of Now. My daughter is about to graduate, and I want to really relish the time with friends making the trip down here, and with my daughter, who too soon shall fly the coop. I'm really really proud of her, and I love seeing the woman she's becoming...sassy, beautiful, and with a mind of her own. That really makes my heart burst with gratefulness!

More here later....

And the tomatoes are getting ripe! Emptying out any sort of storage container I have just now for the seedling eggplants and peppers to be transplanted into...and perhaps more 'maters!

I hope your garden grows well and good rains come...

Back as soon as I can... :)

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