Monday, May 28, 2007

Operating System Crash

Good gosh-amighty! I can't believe it's been THIS LONG since we've had computer access!!!

The computer crashed with a mighty roaring kablooey, which seriously came at the worst possible time, and took more effort to fix than was expected. The reason?? We still don't know...

A LOT has happened in the interim, but I'm hastily posting this so that my blog friends will know I didnt perish in a car crash or something and simply disappear from the Great Internet Beyond without a peep.

More to write, after catching up with ALL the emails we've received since May 4...oh myyy....

Being unplugged was very....quiet.... :)

Shall return, apres the email-checking smorgasbord.

And HELLO again...!!! :)


El said...

My goodness, I had wondered what happened to you. (Secretly I hoped you got some land and started farming!)

Phelan said...

I was starting to wonder. Glad you're back and safe!

Robbyn said...

Thank you, El and Phelan!

I was unplugged, which was surprisingly peaceful once you get past the withdrawal symptoms. With my daughter's graduation, getting the computer back out of the shop was a slower process. But I'm back and having fun seeing waht youve all been up to since I last was here WEEKS ago! Thanks for missing me!

I WISH I had gotten our land and begun farming, El! When that happens, I'll be writing so any WAHOOS that you'll have trouble shutting me up about it...ha!