Sunday, March 16, 2008

Water Purification

Does anyone out there have a preference when it comes to water purification? We currently are on well water, and the homes around here rely upon the addition of salt, and a system I don't really understand, to make the sulfur-stinky water more fit for bathing and such.

I still feel kind of creeped out about putting it on my skin, with no real assurance of what's really in it.

We have to purchase water weekly for cooking and drinking, and we do so in 5 gallon bottles that we dispense from a stand that has reservoirs, one each for cooled water and heated water. I've never lived anywhere we had to purchase all our drinking water.

One of our priorities has been to try to find a better (and more economical) solution to our water purity.

My cousin has a Berkey water purifier and seems very happy with it. We are looking into it as a possible solution for our situation, and would like to know if anyone else out there reading this blog might have some leanings one way or the other towards a purification system, and if so, which one? Supposedly, the Berkey operates without any need for electricity, and can purify ANY sort of water, even water straight from a rain barrel or pond, purifying it within an hour to quality drinking water.

That sounds too good to be true, but often, simple solutions are the best. We wonder if it truly is that wonderful and would love to hear any feedback about this or any other system that you may have tried, or are currently using.

If its claims are true, it would save us a great deal of outgoing grocery money weekly, and help me trim my budget by a fair margin. Thanks for any input you have!


The Barber Bunch said...

I found you while surfin' around the Blogs. Just wanted to say Hi!


Anonymous said...

All the good things you have heard about the Berkey are true. It's great! We've had one for years to purify our city water, which is quite dirty. The Berkey is worth every penny. I don't know anything about purifying the rest of your water, though.

Phelan said...

I have an eco water system. It came with the house. We don't need one here, as the water is fine. That Berkley system sounds interesting, might look into it.

Robbyn said...

Hi, Barber Bunch, and welcome! Glad you're here :)

Anonymous, good to hear! when I read that you can use ANY water in it, such as pond water and rain barrel water, my antennae went up for sure...I'd love to see if that's really accurate. Glad to hear that you've enjoyed it with your municipal water supply.

Phelan, I have a friend who's a distrubutor for a system I think is similar...which utilizes Reverse Osmosis. His RO water tastes soooooo good...

Will said...

Hi - Thought you might want to know that this post has been stolen by a spam scraper site. The full text of the post is at the link below. I know because the site stole one of my posts also. I am currently trying to figure out a way to shut them down. If you figure out anything, let me know.

In case the link does not come through your comment system, here it is in broken form also:

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Wendy said...

Technically, what that site did is not "plagiarism", which is defined as to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own.

They actually gave you credit with the link back to your site.

What they did do, however, is copyright infringement, as they didn't get your permission to repost your work, and if I understand things correctly, original writing on the Internet is considered "copyrighted."

But, of course, you'd probably need to do a little more sleuthing to verify copyright laws.

Back when the Internet was new, I had some content from a website - not a blog - taken and republished on a school website, by a TEACHER, of all people. I contacted her and gave her an earful :).

I'd contact the site owners and let them know that they don't have permission to republish your blog-article, and that they owe $X for your work :). That should get their attention :).