Friday, March 7, 2008

Remembering Andrew and Jeremy

They came into my life by my former marriage, after we'd been unsuccessful in adding to our family in the years after Rachel was born, we eventually decided to be foster parents. We chose to be available to whatever ethnicity and age child most needed to be placed in our home, and we had the expectation that would manifest as a teen boy.

When we got the call that two half brothers needed immediate placement or they'd have to be separated and would later be adopted separately, we said yes...and only a day later we were joined by Andrew, age 1 1/2, and Jeremy, age 8 months.

We had the opportunity to adopt them if we had them at least a year. God's wisdom prevailed, and though that adoption was something I wanted with all my heart, my then husband decided he didn't want to adopt a child that was not his biologically. I was devastated. But the family that became their parents was a beautiful couple that had tried for 16 years to have children of their own...and Andrew and Jeremy were their answer to years and years of prayers. I have no doubt they are having the fullest and most beautiful of family life now through their growing years.

I am grateful they came into my life for that year, and I think of them as my own children even today. They came to life in amazing ways in our family, and they are sorely missed. I know their quirks, their personalities, and their "firsts" as if I bore them myself, and the pang of missing them never leaves entirely. And oh, I am so grateful for having been their mother even though another mother is now their forever Mom.

This video is something I saw my daughter enjoying the other may have already seen it. The two boys remind me so much of Andrew and Jeremy, even right down to the looks of the older boy and the way they interact. And it makes me smile!

And feel SO grateful.

As Shabbat comes and we get to have some rest this week, I leave you with this video clip that's been making its way around YouTube, called "Charlie Bit Me." I saw it and laughed with delight!

I am grateful for many things this week, namely that my job has improved to be something I actually enjoy, and gratefulness for God's continued protection of my family members as we come and go so busily, especially with long commutes. So grateful for my husband, daughter, friends, and for those I know here from a kindred mindset and kindred inspiration. And I also include among the many things for which to be grateful this week the piece of my heart that Andrew and Jeremy will always occupy :)

Have a great and restful night and day!


Mrs. K's Lemonade Stand said...

I just wanted to say I really enjoy your blog and have added a link to it on my blog. :) I hope that is ok with you.

Robbyn said...

I'm delighted...thank you! I'll be including your great site on my next blogroll, too, if that's alright with you...I'll be catching up with posting soon, hopefully :)