Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Robbyn, At Mere Age of 41, Finally Learns How to Type a Strikethrough

Yes, I, too, can strike through words.

Little words.
-----> urp
(pardon me)

Medium sized words.
-----> Ronpaulism
Honest, it's a word. Really.

Large words.
-----> obese

Oops, I mean long words...

This is the word for Tobacco Mosaic Virus, Dahlemense Strain. We use it in our everyday conversation, especially at the table with our mouths full.

I never realized the power of the written (er typed) word until I became recently (in the last five seconds) knowledgeable how to strike them through. (Yes, and maybe someday I can figure out what in the world a RSS feed is, but let's not rush progress) Now I can abolish things! I can wipe things out!

I can annihilate, abolish, extirpate, eradicate, and expunge with a mere flick of the keyboard.

Watch how effortless this is...

World Hunger
My gosh, WHY did we not think of this before??? OH the POWER!

Take THAT, hate groups and deeply ingrained status quos.

Dictatorships and Totalitarian Regimes
If only I had had a keyboard during WW2 ...and the Stalinist era...today...

Excess weight
I just singlehandedly put Jenny Craig back in the unemployment line, which is probably causing her to want comfort food, which will result in added pounds, which she can STRIKETHROUGH with a mere keystroke! But don't tell this to McDonald's...

The National Debt
Wow, this is getting fun!

The upcoming presidential candidates
Nuff said.

OK, so much power is rushing to my wee head. I must stop now and do the dishes.

Wait! What am I saying???

heinous pile of dirty dishes from supper AND the dirty floor that needs sweeping AND the laundry we won't talk about how it's smelling AND the boxes I swore I'd find a place for but that are still sitting in the living room for the fourth straight week
WHEW! What a day of chores this has been, now that I've gotten all that out of the way...with the strikethrough option, of course.

I think this has just changed my world...



Anonymous said...

LOL!!! LOVE this post!! :)

Robbyn said...

lol...oh if only life were that easy! Those dishes somehow never quite dematerialized ;-)

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

THAT gave me a good laugh but you left out the best part. How the HECK did you do that? I have always wanted to know how to do that.
Should have put directions :-D
I'll have to remember to ask my husband because just think of the power of both of us wiping out hunger and racism and all those other things at the same time!!

Robbyn said...

Hey Monica! ok it's not letting me type it here because it's thinking it's html code, so I'll say it out loud

I'll use parentheses, but don't use any...

surround the word or phrase you want to strikethrough with a "<" and "del" and ">" on the left side of the word/phrase,

and then a "<" and a "/" and a "del" and a ">" on the right side of the word or phrase.

Gosh, life would be easier if I could have just typed that into this box, lol!

Robbyn said...

oops, forgot to say it has to be typed into the html code, not the "compose" mode

Robbyn said...

ok...airhead here. obviously I used quotation marks, not parentheses.

I'm actually brunette, though, unless the gray hairs disqualify me...

Granny Sue said...

Ooooh I like this! Can I add to your list?

dependence on oil
fifty pounds of myself

Strike 'em out, Robbyn!

I like reading your posts. I'm not Jewish, I live in the deep country of West Virginia, but I remember very well the yearning to escape to this place. We did it, back in 1974. Not all smooth, but I've never looked back. This is home. Keep at it. You will get there.

May I try your strike-out idea on my blog, giving you credit for it? I think it's far more important than the me-me's running around the web.

Robbyn said...

Hi Granny Sue! Let's pass the strikethroughs along! (If only it were that easy, hey?) In the html you just put the letters del inside those pointy sort of parentheses in front of whatever word you want struck through, and then follow the word with a /del in pointy parentheses, and that's it...pass it on, and let's see what everyone out there strikes out! woohoo! Go for it!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Egad, woman, the POWER with which you have just bestowed upon me! I'm am giddy now with anticipation on the ways that I will use it...
Found you through Meg & Kelly's "Future Farm" blog. This post of yours was a delight to read. Well done! :-)

Robbyn said...

Farmgirl, so glad you stopped here...I love your blog, but have been too (strikethrough phrase "freaking lazy) busy to update my blogroll in a while (long overdue!!) OK, let the striking-through continue!! :)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Awww...and here I was sitting, wondering how I had managed to miss your blog all this time! No longer! I've added you to my google reader. Thanks for your nice remarks about my blog. :-)