Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bee Friendly Seeds!

While knocking around the Seedman site, I ran across this seed mix, which will warm the cockles of every bee-lovers heart!

In the article, he writes the following (emboldend print mine):

"After a year of testing this mix, we are not making it available to everyone."

Ah, the wayward typo!! heehee I'm fairly sure he is NOW making it available to everyone, since there doesn't seem to be a screening process on the order form ;-)

I frequently see seed mixes for butterfly gardens and wild birds or hummingbirds. It's refreshing to see more coming along for bees!

If you LOVE bees, want to encourage your pollinators, and love beauty, this might be a terrific seed mix to accompany your other organic garden regulars. (Remember, pesticides kill is the way to go for all concerned) We hope to one day keep bees, and will be reading up on others' efforts to keep bees organically. (Here's one such site) There are organic beekeeping clubs out there, and publications (one shown below). If you keep bees organically, we'd love to hear from you or be sent your link!

I LOVE the idea of bee-friendly plants intermixed with vegetables in the garden. An idea I've had for some time involves alternating rows of vegetables with rows of plants such as anise hyssop (below), lemon balm, and other bee-friendly crops for just such a purpose.

We currently are gardening in pots rather than raised beds or rows, but the time will come (we hope!) We still have a few individual bee-friendly plants among the herbs we keep in pots; hopefully it'll be done on a much larger scale.

Here is a wonderful list of plants to include to keep your bees happy...and here's another :)

I look forward to future years filled with the happy hum of these wonderful pollinators, who are such a benefit to our plants and trees. The sight of happy bees buzzing amidst growing things fills me with real hope and optimism.

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