Saturday, March 22, 2008


Today saw tiny little buds already emerging on the four Western Soapberry whips we planted recently.

It was a relaxing weekend. Friday night was the candlelighting and a relaxing dinner of small steaks, mashed potatoes, green peas with mint from the garden, yeast rolls, and fresh salad (some greens and herbs from garden mixed with store-bought romaine) with fresh-squeezed lemon. Iced tea with mint, and strawberries with whipped cream from the real milk we had on hand...yum! We're very grateful, and it felt like a feast with all gathered round the table at the same time.

Dessert was chocolate cake made with the addition of Guinness, an adaptation of a recent recipe I saw on a blog...but I can't remember which one! (If you're the one and you're reading this, let me know so I can give you credit!) It turned out great :)

Shabbat was spent relaxing, study the Torah portion and reading in the Psalms, and taking some walks outdoors. And sitting on the back porch talking and being amidst the plants. We're really enjoying this temperate weather before it turns hot and the mosquitos come out in force.

The work week keeps us running to catch up. We have a lot of to do in the next couple of weeks before Passover, as all our yeast and leavening products have to be used or given away by then, and everything deep-scrubbed and organized. It's a great time for a spring cleaning!

As stated, the Western Soapberry starts are alive! The first tiny buds have shown themselves. The shock the Moringa tree went through after having been put into better soil has passed, and its new growth attests to its happiness with the new arrangement. I have about 6 or 8 pots to repot tomorrow, finishing getting the immovable clay out and the new fluffy stuff in. Some of the berry canes aren't doing well because their feet are very wet, and there are no signs of the grapevines budding yet at all. The hot peppers seem to be wimping out, too, so I'll check on them and see what's happening. R is going to mow and then I'll put black landscaping fabric underneath the area we'll keep these pots longterm, and get them into rows and neaten up the backyard somewhat.

Last bucket count...72. Or somewhere in that range.

We're looking into beekeeping. More on that soon!

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Mrs. K's Lemonade Stand said...

Sounds busy but oh so productive! Always a great feeling! :)