Thursday, March 27, 2008

Said While Jumping Up and Down

(Which makes typing an interesting exercise in coordination)

Jumps are in caps...

Guess WHAT

we're going to GET

with the MONEY

we set ASIDE

from the TAXRETURN

after we PAID

a big ol' CHUNK

of the CAR

payment OFF ?????????

I'm not telling.

Noooooo, oh HA



(you can take a peek here)

So now I can drink and cook with clean water and type strike-throughs with my keyboard and have a blog post stolen by plagiarizers and be closer to being completely out of debt all at the same time! Wheeeeeee!!!

(I'm a little happy...thank you for sharing my happy dance!)

Pictures and experiments will commence as soon as the big Fed Ex truck arrives :) Stay tuned!


Phelan said...

WOOHOO! Congrats.

Maria said...

Ohhh, we have one of those! It's fantastic!! Very easy to use, and you never have to buy new filters... just wash out the ceramic ones! yay for you!!!

Granny Sue said...

Plagiarism? I never thought about it. I am amazed at the thought someone could want to steal my thoughts and writings. This is a heads-up.

Enjoy your new filter. There is nothing like good water.

Country Girl said...

I am so glad I came across your blog tonight. When we bought our house I could not get our water to pass legally because we had sm amts of coliform bacteria. We have been buying bottled water and I have been looking into alternate options and this filter is reasonably priced and this set up would probably work, yeah!

Robbyn said...

WB, Granny Sue! You're on my To Do list...MUST update the blogroll this week :)

Countrygirl, welcome! So glad you're stopping here :) If you do end up getting one of the purifiers, let me know how it works for you...the claims are pretty remarkable :)

Robbyn said...

Thanks, Phelan! I'm jazzed!
Hang in there ...migraines are tough, to say the least.

Maria, I'm glad to hear that...haven't run into that many people who actually have one...woohoo, I'm excited!