Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving Thanks

Due to job schedules, we had to cancel plans with family friends for this holiday. At the last minute, I realized I'd better grab the few hours we did have together and make those memorable, even if they weren't what I'd usually think of as ideal.

We ate quite a bit earlier than we normally would have, and rather than having a crowd or being part of one, it was just the three of us. These days, getting the three of us together for any amount of time can be a feat, so I made food so that we'd have our own celebration. It was relaxing...everyone in their Tshirts or houserobes, nobody to go visit, no time to indulge in much extra activity. If that's how things work out, I'll take it :) So I put a turkey in the oven to cook overnight, set out the ingredients for this and that on the counter, and got up early to see that everything simmered, roasted, and got gravied up by noon.

Here's what we ended up having, even if I cut corners to save time:

Turkey, baked and roasted the last few minutes. Seasoned with a rosemary herb mix.
Cranberry Sauce
Pickled Beets
Mashed Potatoes
Turkey Gravy
Brussels Sprouts
Hot Rolls

Pie for Dessert (But everyone was full and didn't want dessert)

Normally I wouldn't have that many starches, and that few green and colored veggies. But it all tasted great and "ate well." :) And we have leftovers that will last a while. But most importantly, we found our niche of time to relax, eat, and not rush...and to be thankful. My daughter has a few welcome days off school, and I got some much needed sleep after the Tryptophan kicked in post-meal. Hubby and I got a nap in together before he had to head to work, and R and I sat around and watched a couple funny movies together in our comfy clothes. My pillow was never far away...I seem to be able to sleep at the drop of a hat today. Caught up later with a couple of friends from afar, which is always nice, and now, sleep! I think it's all the carbs...or is it the fact I use real butter in everything? Anyway, seems like my body is really taking its time digesting today.

A great day...together. And for that, I give thanks!

Here's hoping your day was equally wonderful :)

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