Sunday, November 4, 2007

Issues Update: Sweet and Sour

Good news from black dye in raw milk! HOORAY!!! For the details, see Laurie's post.

Bad news from Illinois...Mandatory Premises ID Requirement was recently adopted for all Illinois fairs. This is a dark day. The new rule applies to all livestock exhibitors and takes effect next year. See Phelan's post for the grim sure to read the comments. Folks, our basic constitutional liberties are very much at stake here, and this has such far-reaching implications for the future of farmers and animal owners everywhere that the government is downplaying publicity and pouring MUCH money into this stair-stepped plan, emphasizing "public health" and "anti-terrorism" in its campaign yet NOT emphasizing that within the NAIS plan itself, it is designed to transition from voluntary participation (registration, microchipping/tagging) to MANDATORY. PLEASE take note of this issue, while ANY opportunity still exists to impact its full adoption legislatively. This IS a basic human rights issue...the right to own PRIVATE PROPERTY, the right of the individual to DECISION-MAKE in matters of profession and family without government coercion and interference.

This is also a RELIGIOUS right, for those who oppose a mass registration based on biblical prophecy.

Folks, BEWARE of ANY LEGISLATION that can be enforced at will, WITHOUT PROOF and with no questions asked, with no accountability or system or checks and balances, especially relating to the seizure of privaty property and with no legal recourse or compensation for the citizen. That is NOT A TENET of a free society.

Pass the word, quickly!


Anonymous said...

Good news - HB 5776 has been introduced into Illinois 2008 Session. 4 of the 9 Ag. Committe are Co-Sponsers.

You can make a difference in Illinois by contacting your Legislator.

While not exactly "banning" NAIS in Illinois - it's a start.

Contact us at to find out more.

Michael and Sharon

Anonymous said...

HB 5776 was passed from the AG committee yesterday. Thanks for all the calls and letters. It was worded in a much stronger manner by Rep. Myers.

Anonymous said...

HB 5776 passed through the Illinois House yesterday.
Vote? 108-0 !

It now must make it through the Senate.

Anyone interested in assisting in Illinois, please contact our Grassroots movement to get 'er done!

Michael and Sharon Sabo