Thursday, November 15, 2007


Yesterday was busy...went and filled out two files worth of applications for ONE job (took an hour!), and thankfully got the job...yay!! We're needing the income to continue with our goals for this next few months.

We've honed in on a property we hope to get...another yay!! I won't write more about it unless it comes to be, but we do know we love the area and are likely to buy there...another yay!! It's nice to narrow things down considerably. This is farther than we've ever gotten to having our own place, and it's really motivated us...especially my husband. He's fervently unearthing anything and everything he can think of that we'll need to help us make decisions or to use to fashion a plan, a living situation, and less dependency on things we want to cut out of our budget. Our mutual goal is to substitute things we can do ourselves for things we're currently spending monthly. We've got files going to collect ideas and resources for 1. land related legal things 2. things related to construction on the property in that particular county, permitting, regulations related to the structures we want to build -- size, meeting county standards, etc 3. the sort of house and buildings we want, how we'll build, what we'll do ourselves and what we'll contract out, floor plans, materials, siting 3. the order in which things need to be undertaken 4. how to do it from a distance, seeing that we're several hours away, and how to transition there

There's a lot more, but thankfully some of those things are things we already have a lot of ideas about. Any advice from those of you who've done this already, or are doing it now, is appreciated!

For this week, I'll be training at the new job, and have to work Thanksgiving 12 hours...ugh! And still cook for it, because this is the first year my daughter has been HERE for Thanksgiving in years, and I'm not going to pass up this opportunity, even if it's scaled down somewhat.

That's the quick scoop. I'm having to scurry around today to get some things done before training. I'm praying this is a way to pay off debts faster and get ahead the words of J..."so we're that much closer to working for ourselves on our own place!"



Anonymous said...

Congrats on the job! And I really hope things roll along on your property. Good Luck!

Phelan said...

crossing my fingers for you.