Tuesday, November 6, 2007

2nd Senator's Insta-Response to NAIS email

Here 'tis, from Senator Bill Nelson...a bit later than Senator Martinez's and a bit less clear on his position.

Thank you for contacting me regarding H.R. 2419, the Farm, Nutrition, and
Bioenergy Act. I am committed to providing for the needs of our agricultural
industry while also protecting Florida's environment.Congress passed the last
Farm Bill in 2002, during the 107th Congress, and many of its programs are up
for reauthorization this year. This large, complex bill authorizes numerous
projects including conservation and stewardship programs, subsidy payments to
farmers, alternative energy initiatives, and programs to stave off domestic and
world hunger. The House of Representatives recently passed a version of the bill
and the Senate is currently debating this bill on the floor. I will continue to
follow this bill closely to ensure the protection of Florida’s interests.I
have been meeting with constituents to hear more about Florida’s agricultural
needs, and I appreciate your opinions about the impact of the farm bill. I will
keep your thoughts in mind as we work through this legislation. Please do not
hesitate to contact me again.
I won't hesitate (except to get a good night's sleep first!) :)

P.S. Very long and WONDERFUL day today...started in the wee hours, lots of driving and picture taking, etc. and time with my wonderful hubby. Does it get any better?? Even so, I'm exhausted. Whatever...I LOVE looking at land! Here are a few pics...not enough to do justice to such a great day, though :)


Phelan said...

hahahaha! ok, what I would do is copy and paste this letter and eamil it back with, what does this have to do with NAIS?

Mine don't send emails, I get a snail mail letter a month or two later.

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Less clear is right. I can never understand exactly if they even read my letters sometimes because their letters don't seem to match anything I might have written about.
ARGH---can you say "not listening"?