Friday, October 8, 2010

Shabbat Shalom

Haven't been very productive this past couple weeks. Not that nothing's going on around the place, but I've had one of those lagging sinus infections that have put me in low gear.

I'm still practicing the CNA class, just lagged the past two weeks.

House cleaning has only qualified as "survival." keeping the man fed.

Language immersion, quasi quasi...I try a few new words each day and am still trying to read children's books when Jack's not around to pester.

Uruguay. I can't explain except to say Uruguay. When I know what I'm talking about I'll elaborate.

Sonic closed. Goodbye discount Route 44 Diet Coke with a shot of Dr. Pepper and rollerskating servers who my daughter went to highschool with. I'll miss your sneaking Kaleb a treat and knowing how you did on your last English test in college and the fact you know me by name.

Need to sell property. Praying folks please pray for us. It's our last and final push. We feel the need to get roots down sooner than later.

Fresh greens...from the backyard? ROCKS. Totally rocks. Next spring we plant more moringa and chaya.

How much do I love these cooler temps? THISSSSSS MUCCCCHHHH!!!! Muy mucho!! (have no idea if I said that right)

Happy birthday to my daughter who is a grown adult. SO HAPPY she's our girl :) Watching in awe as she launches out into her life.

Ugh...I'm boring myself now. I still have a lot to do before sundown and not time for typing. Just checking in to let whoever's out here know I still have a pulse even if my blog is severely lacking attention.

What's going on with you?

Tonight's shabbat...HOO RAY!

Have a great rest! I owe some folks some replies to very sweet and wonderful emails. I haven't forgotten, honest! Hope to have that quality time before Monday.

We always pray for our friends here...if you've got anything specific we can be praying about, we really do! please feel free to mention any requests.

Love you guys...shabbat shalom!


Michelle said...

Looking forward to Sabbath with the same eagerness! And yes, you could add Rick to your prayer list. We're a week and a half out from his heart attack/wake-up call, and he's trying hard on the lifestyle changes, but I know it will get tougher to follow through as the impact of the event lessens. Pray that he will learn to reJOICE that he got a second chance to live, not mope about all he has to give up (and do, as in exercise).

Robbyn said...

Oh, Michelle, I'm so sorry I didn't know!! Of course we'll be praying, especially about the lifestyle changes. Jack's doc has been telling him he'd better make the same changes and yes, it's easy to lose sight of the GOOD in that, in the moment. Please keep us posted!

Stephanie said...

Shabbat Shalom! I will keep you in prayer on the sinus front, it seems to be an issue for lots this year. We are trying to settle into our new place:) Tomorrow is a visit to my aunt at the nursing home, now that we are closer. Will also keep you in prayer for the sale.

Robbyn said...

Stephanie, thank you so much! I stopped by your blog and really enjoyed reading past posts. SO glad for your new house!! Have a wonderful weekend :)

Mr. H. said...

Do you mind if I ask, what does Shabbat Shalom mean exactly?

Robbyn said...

Hi Mike, no of course I don't mind, it's the greeting just prior to sundown Friday night (Jewish days are counted sundown to sundown instead of midnite to midnite)welcoming in the seventh day, or "shabbat." So it's "sabbath peace," a standard greeting among Jews for the day of rest, or if the person leans towards Yiddish it's the Yiddish "Gut Shabbos." At the end of the seventh day, at sundown Saturday night, you wish folks "Shavuah Tov"...have a good week :)