Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nice Indian Food Blog

It's been a while since I made a masala for Jack, but it's time again.  I won't say he begged, but he mentioned it daily...

I just found this really good Indian food blog today called Indian Simmer I thought I'd share, if you haven't seen it.  I'll  be back exploring the archives in my spare time, learning.  I like that the recipes are actually simple and easy to execute with ingredients that are de-mystified, and lovely, simple pictures.

I've been away from the blog here a lot, but will be doing an upcoming series of posts on something Jack and I are having fun researching as we continue to make some changes in simplifying, and with the hope of relocation still in our minds.  Our desire to relocate is not only to have a place we can use more fully than our current property allows, but so that we can hopefully build a small home with no mortgage that can be maintained at little or no cost.

And thus, we have been having fun looking at Tiny House and related sites online.  I have a ton of links to share, but shall wait till the next post to start with those.  The idea behind very small and tiny houses is to live large by simplifying things to their most basic quotient...and surprisingly, at least for us, it takes very little (ha, pun?) to do that.  I'm really excited about the possibilities!

OK, off to take care of business...hope you're having a great day out there :)


jean said...

Simplifying is definitely worth it. Go for it. Hope we get to hear more of what you're doing in that area.

Robbyn said...

You've got some lovely features you're incorporating into your home, Pilgrim. What hemisphere of the world are you in? Love the way your second floor is able to catch those breezes :)