Friday, January 2, 2009

Sorghum 'n Biscuits

I've been craving sorghum lately, that thick sweet slow-pouring lava flow of dark mineral richness.

I ate it when I was growing up, the syrup stirred with a pat of butter and slathered over biscuits. A little goes a long way -- it's dark, smoky, fortifying.

I couldn't find sorghum at the market so had to substitute molasses this morning. Close...but I'll still keep looking.

Sorghum is a crop that does well in these parts, and I'm slowly looking into it more. The grain type is said to make a nutritious flour. I'd like to find some or make some and experiment with it to see how to best incorporate it. Sorghum syrup hails from the deepest of my Deep South Grandpa's working mules were named Sog'rum and M'lasses.

Nothing deep to report here....just cleaning up from the momentary drop biscuit-fest and the jolt of liquid iron I think I needed (there are mixed reviews on the healthfulness of molasses and sorghum, but with such a long tradition in the South, I'll stick to my forbears' ways as regards this subject...and polish off the test subject with enthusiasm!) A little goes a long way...only a few bites, and I'm full. And now for a moment or two on the back porch, just me and my hot mug of Constant Comment...ah :)

A perfect start to a day off...and a new year...

hope you're enjoying your day!

Happy New Year to all :)


Donna said...

I love sorghum! I mix it half and half with butter and put it on my biscuits. Last time I bought some was at a tractor show where you could see them actually making it.

fullfreezer said...

I LOVE sorghum as well. I recently purchased some from the farmer we are getting our beef from. It is SO good. We're fortunate enough that every year, late summer, we have the Midwest Old Settler's and Threshers Reunion about an hour away where they make sorghum (along with LOTS of other great demonstrations). We even got sorghum pops for the kids- much better than the corn syrup ones you get.

San Diego Farmgirl said...

How funny is this: we raised sorghum on our family farm, sold for cattle feed. I grew up surrounded by the stuff. It wasn't until I was an adult that I learned PEOPLE eat sorghum, too. LOL!

Another gardening blogger and I were talking about sorghum crops just last night. She's a master seed collector in Kentucky, let me know if you want an introduction.

Be forewarned: the variety of sorghum we raised, milo, is a terrible allergen. Don't know how the molasses type is, but working in the milo field or around the freshly harvested grain requires one of those fiberglass face masks. I'm getting wheezy just thinking about it. :)

jayedee said...

happy new year girl! i hope 2009 blesses your socks clean off!

btw, i have a spring seed giveaway going over at my blog-

stop by and check it out, if you'd like!

Shelby said...

My dad absolutely loves sorghum 'n buscuits.. absolutely .. with bits of butter in it.

jayedee said...

robbyn......if you look at the right hand column on my blog, inbetween the video of my son and the ad for my etsy shop is a little thing that says "follow me on twitter" click on that and enter the brave new world of "micro blogging" 140 characters at a time. i just didn't get it at first, but i'm loving it now! try it, you'll see!!!!

jayedee said...

everything! you can plant every thing!

On Wed, Dec 31, 2008 at 9:59 AM, Robbyn wrote:

Robbyn has left a new comment on your post "getting ready for spring...":

Hey neighbor! I'll have to check out that seed company...I've got the Baker Creek Heirloom seeds and Territorial seeds ones. But I'm not used to allthe things we can plant in Florida's year long growing! What do I plant now? I'm SO used to not being able to plant anything till at least April...this is a whole new ballgame!

Posted by Robbyn to life in the lost world.... at December 31, 2008 9:59 AM

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

YEARS ago my mom and dad gave us a gallon jug of sorghum, and we're still working on it. I don't even need the butter mixed in....

earth heart said...

Oh Robbyn, I haven't had sorghum since I was kid. Now I'll have to see if any of our local Amish folk have some to sell. said...

Yummy! I adore sorghum! I like to put it in my oatmeal.

Thank you for all of your lovely comments! Time has been a bit of a rare commodity around here lately and I've been unable to return the favor for my friends.

Love to you,

Country Girl said...

I have never heard of sorghum before. If I remember correctly did you buy a water filter several months back. If it was you, how do you like it? ~Kim

Gina said...

I just bought some sorghum yesterday at the Amish store! I actually have never tried it, but this was made close to my house and thought I'd give some of the local sweeteners a chance.

Your biscuit looks yummy!

Willa said...

Chuck and I met our kids in Santa Claus, IN back in September, for a camping trip and for me to deliver the 1/3 of a steer apiece that would be their birthday & solstice present. (And so I could squish that new grandbaby I got in June!) Anyway, we stopped at a small grocery store and for some reason I was compelled to buy a jar of sorghum from PJ Apiaries in Evansville, IN. It sat in my counter until I saw your post, and then I had to try it- Yum Yum YUM!
I have been mixing it with peanut butter, and eating it on slices of apple. Thanks for the post- who knows how long that jar would have sat, waiting for me to open it. Now all I have to worry about is what happens when my jar is empty!