Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Little Procrastination Problem...


I mean no, I have not made my 2009 New Year's Resolution list yet. I'm still deciding if making one at all is a good idea at the moment. But there are things I do need to get better at doing, and along those lines... blog seems to be where memes and challenges go to die. I am often late responding to comments, though I read EVERY single one and do respond when I'm at last here for more than a minute or two. Yes, I do have a life, albeit a less intriguing one than some other bloggers who at any point in their lives may be

1. butchering various rare and heritage-ish farm animals before sunup
2. cooking home-grown organic and pastured slow foods for their family and an entire logging camp...before sunup
3. living on $5.00 a week like a queen/king
4. living self sufficiently in some remote location in a shelter hewn by hand using only a Swiss Army Knife, paper clip, and a roll of duct tape
5. living so lightly on the land that even the vapor from their breath is recycled and filtered for use as emergency drinking water
6. building so many raised beds and trellises that the Hanging Gardens of Babylon look amateurish in comparison
7. manufacturing their own gold from used car batteries using a secret family formula
8. going on yak-buying expeditions in the Himalayas while staying with indigenous families in their yurts

Um, our 5 gallon buckets somehow didn't make the list, but be it ever so humble, there's no place like home Bucketville.

But I digress...

I really love my friends in the blogging community. Please forgive my procrastination, which is sometimes forgetfulness. Or unawareness! I catch up on different blogs as I can, but long pauses happen and I miss out on being very timely sometimes.

Thank you to Angie at Children in the Corn for this November of 2008!!! (hiding head) How I missed it, I do not know, but er, ahh, I'm on it now! Thank you for this honor :)

And I resolve to get better about not procrastinating quite so much, or maybe just not getting quite so distracted or sidelined by early Alzheimer's and whatnot. Because I should always put off today what can be procrastinated till Scarlett said, "Tomorrow is anuttha day!"

Wait, I mean...umm...

Oh fiddle dee dee. ;-)

Anyone seen my keys?


Willa said...

Robbyn- You hit all 8 points about my life. Well, except for the butchering. And the sun-up- now that I am unemployed, sun-up doesn't exist. Oh, and the $5. a week thing- in fact, the whole King and Queen thing. And my Swiss Army knife- broken, but we have a lot of duct tape. Water vapor got vapor lock, raised beds- still in the planning stage- yak buying- subdivision rule prohibiting livestock. But I've thought about camping in a yurt.

Girl, you made me laugh till I snorted.

duane marcus Facebook me! said...

Wow, I thought i was the only procrastinator in the world! I did write a post today and i also promise to do better. And, believe me, those who meet any of the descriptions above are very few and far between. They do inspire us and encourage us to continue moving forward, at our own paces. Every step in the right direction helps us all. Keep up your good work and keep telling us about it :-)

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

We all do what we can. And don't do when we can't! Don't stress about it. It's the nature of living!

Wrensong Farm said...

Can I EVER identify with the procrastination problem!! Very little stresses me out anymore as much as falling behind in my blog reading and contribution!! :)

Paulette said...

You are too funny. Thanks for the laugh at the end of a long day.

farm mom said...

Hhahaahhaa! You're hilarious my friend! And dang, that list would give anyone a inferiority complex! WIshing you a happy and productive 2009, at whatever pace makes you happiest! ;)

Christina said...

Life does get busy and overwhelming at times.... I understand. I hate it when I don't have time to spend at my favorite blogs.... I thought about you when I drove to Florida to see the grandbabies.... just do what you can and don't worry.... your loyal followers will still be here!

Comfortable Shoes Studio said...

there is nothing wrong with farming in 5 gal buckets! A guy in the town near me has hundreds of them all around the parking lot of his apartment building. In some he has corn, some tomatoes, cukes, beans etc... HE grows a ton of food. One of these days I've got to go over and meet him and take some pictures. In July his parking lot is like an oasis in the hard city.
Keep it up!