Monday, December 1, 2008

No More Gobble Left

We're sated. That smallish turkey fed our small crew a good many days. I got a load of meat, soup and stock off the little fellow (or gal) and can safely say we've had our poultry quota for the month. What a blessing how one bird can provide prolonged nutrition!

And now I'm ready for a good salad, thank you :)

I'm also learning it's ok to see the same ingredients in different incarnations (or not) repeat themselves frequently, and not always have to vary every meal. The most stretched foodstuffs? Turkey and pinto beans...they are finding their way into a lot of things. It's now that I'm appreciating the variety that some homecanned goods would bring to our same meals now, if we'd had a garden and canned up some tomatoes, relish, veggies, and fermented goods. It's a lesson I'll learn from, hopefully!

Just finished knitting my second cap with the Knifty Knitter, pics tomorrow. They're better than I expected for a first try, but still not very polished. I'm trying to figure out how to tie off the ends strings without it being visible. My daughter loved hers, though, and I bought some cheaper yarn to keep going with some more...I'll see if it's the type of yarn that makes a difference...hmmm.

I joined Facebook today and have no idea what I'm doing. I'm such a technology rebel. I wouldn't know a Blackberry from an Ipod. Maybe this is the stage where I sit down and declare that the world will go on just fine without my advancement any further in "progress." I was quite content never knowing how to program my VCR. Not having any TV reception for the past 5 years may have warped me into an odd old bird, ha!

Errrr, I said bird...

Hold the turkey, least for just now!



Carolyn said...

I know..... I have had my fill of Turkey too!

Can't wait to see your knitting project.

I recenlty joined Facebook too. I have been having fun with it. I think you will enjoy it!


Annette said...

I am also all turkey'd out for the moment. *gobble*
I am also on facebook - will have to find you!

farm mom said...

LOL!! Me too, on both counts. Turkey and technology! I so do not keep up with all the latest gadgets, and becareful over at facebook.....all those "do this to give to charity" things get me EVERYTIME!!

tina f. said...

How bizarre! I also joined Facebook a couple days ago and am finding it a strange experience. I'm just not used to it yet, I guess.
I know you don't eat ham, but that's what we had for Thanksgiving this year. Last night I made a surprisingly good ham and white bean soup (I say surprising because usually my husband does all the cooking). The rest of the ham went into plastic bags and into the freezer for later!

Robbyn said...

Hi ladies, thank you for your comments!

...anyone for a turkey sandwich??

LOL, sorry...just couldn't resist! ;-)

Killi said...

Welcome to the "I've -joined-Facebook-&-haven't-a-clue-what-I'm-doing" club! I joined to see my elder daughter's photos. I'm Killi Mengri & she's Bethan Amphlett.

I want to see your knitting, too

tina f. said...

Did you get my comment from this post or did it get lost because it was kinda long? (From a couple days ago.)

Robbyn, email me and we can be Facebook friends. ☺

Robbyn said...

CArolyn, I havent had much time to devote to job just picked back up! Hopefully I 'll check into it more in the upcoming weeks

Annette, guess what I just put into the oven...another turkey!! lol

Angie, I might be a facebook flunkie...don't have time for many more things. Oh yeah, want some more turkey? It's what's for dinner for a longggg time to come, since we got so many on sale, lol

Tina, I havent gotten the hang of it yet. Yum, regarding cooking up batches of favorites and freezing some for later. I did that this week with some that we have the freezer, Yay!!

Killi, let me know if you hit your stride there, I havent yet. I did finish 3 caps..they're on a recent post. I'd never have gotten the courage to try it without Angie (children in the corn blog) posting about her successes!

Tina, ooops!! S ometimes my emails are a bit goofy, but blogger caught was just delayed, sorry!! I'll email you soon, but have to get through this and next week beforehand. Working nights makes me have to reset my body's timeclock considerably :)