Friday, December 26, 2008

Some More Roastin' and Toastin'

I tried roasting pumpkin seeds today for the first time. Mine came out a little bit overdone, probably because I mixed some onion powder in with the oil and salt and maybe the onion scorched a bit. I'll add it afterwards next time. But even so, it is tasty!

This is the turkey soup the baked pumpkin flesh went's simmering till Jack gets home. I'm still a bit achey and such from the bronchitis this week, and all I really want is easy food and a warm hubby to curl up with. I do have to say it's been nicer going grocery shopping each week knowing that there is a freezer full of turkey and some other things at home as the backbone of the week's meals. I had no idea it would make this big a difference, but it does. And as much turkey as we stocked up on before the holidays, at the incredible holiday discounts, we've eaten a lot of turkey dishes. For some reason, the turkey soup stock is the one thing we never seem to get tired's seen many incarnations.

I am very very thankful!

I plan to post more next week...this week was just full of working and staying under wraps and recovering from this cold.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy celebration for your holiday this week!

Tonight we light the hannukiah, like we planned on doing the past few nights. Tonight's our first night together this week!

Maybe I'll have more to write soon and my posts will be less boring :) I still have a lot to post about the visit to ECHO, my wish list for the upcoming garden, the progress Jack has made on the lot next door, and some new recipes I'm trying.

I lost another pound or so (not sure how, maybe all the soup?), so yay!

For those of you in the upper 48, stay warm!!

Shabbat shalom...


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Groan; I am GAINING. Need to get on the treadmill; I know that would help. Too much eating, and too much sedentary activity (knitting and computer).

edifice rex said...

Glad to hear you are feeling some better; hope you get completely well soon.

Gina said...

Robbyn, your wish to stay warm is really paying off: we are in the mid to high 50's today!!!

Congrats on the weight loss!

Hope your season is treating you well.

Wrensong Farm said...

If that soup is the way your losing weight sign me up! It looks delicious! (My stomach is now growling!):)
Shabbat shalom to you too!

Willa said...

Hi Robbyn- it is good to see you again. Sorry you are feeling under the weather- I've had a head ache for the past several days, but I think it is mostly tension- not just mental tension, but physical as well- our grand-daughter is visiting, she's 6 months old and it is our goal that she be held every second. But my baby-holding muscles are atrophied!

I'll be blogging more now- I'm a victim of the economy and my job was eliminated 2 weeks ago. On the bright-side- more time to cook, knit, blog, etc. Check out my new blog-\\Feel better soon- shabbat shalom said...

Mmmmmmm! I love turkey soup! Delicious!!


Pam Croom said...

You take great food pictures! Have you ever tried Lynne Rossetto Kasper's mother's broth recipe? It is a very yummy turkey broth. I take it and just put in dried cheese tortellini-yummy dinner and very easy.

The story she tells in her book, "The Italian Country Table," is that her mother had surgery and wouldn't eat. She took all she had learned about broths from all these Italian cooks over the years and came up with this broth. Her mother would eat the broth and returned to health.

In the book she doesn't use wine. I don't either, instead waiting for what I use the broth for to add wine.

I can't get a good supply of wings, but a meat shop here carries necks. They are enormous! It makes a lovely, cheap, broth!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Mmmmmm....Mmmmmm Good! That soup looks amazing and very filling and comforting. I bet you're feeling better already with such hearty and nutritious meals to eat.

I love pumpkin seeds, too. I've never roasted them with onions and spices, though, just salt. I bet yours were very yumm, and I'll have to try that next year.

Thank for the kind and supportive comments you left for me on my blog, about my horse accident. I very much appreciated them and enjoyed hearing from you, too.

I hope you have a beautiful, peaceful hanukah.

New Mexico

warren said...

Seeds look great! We still have winter squash in our kitchen that we cut every now and then. I love the seeds! We usually just roast them with salt but I like the idea of other stuff on it as well! Anyhow, jealous of the nice weather too!

Robbyn said...

Michelle, I need to lay off the starches..had too many during the past week. We'll do better, wont we? :)

Annie, thanks, I'm feeling so much better now :)

Gina, woo! Stay warm :)

Wren, maybe it helps! I had to freeze some and it's about time for some more...

Willa, I'm sooooo glad you're back...what a treat to see your name again and be able to jog over to your blog! I left you a comment over there :)

Lacy, you're a MOM...WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you got my message...we're SO SO SO happy for you guys...all six of you!!! :) Yay, God!!!

Pam, now you've got me all intrigued about the Kasper broth...I'm going to follow the link and look into it...sounds delicious! My grandma used necks a lot and her broth and her dressing were incredible :) Thanks!!

Lisa, I hope you're feeling as good as possible, considering. You've got a lovely turret up there to gaze down upon creation from! Such gorgeous views and also able to see the animals. I'm praying for you a quick recovery so you can be right there in the middle of things again!

Warren, I have no idea why my husband and I never discovered winter squash, pumpkin, etc till just this year...they're delicious! And the seeds are especially great...they were gone in a day. Wow, what an addition to our next year's garden!

Argi said...

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