Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Homesteading Mafia, Unite!


If you are part of this extended online community loosely termed "homesteading," please take just a second to read this post at Monica's site. (It loads slowly) It's about a friend near and dear to us all, Phelan at the A Homesteading Neophyte blog, and about how we can be a part of something very necessary...now. We're most of us having a hard time with this economy, and working hard to hang on during it. One of the most necessary parts of homesteading, however we may define it, is being the old-fashioned hands-on definition of a good neighbor.

Phelan is one of our neighbors, and also a teacher to many of us. So many people, including myself, have gained a lot from what she's shared on her blog for a long time. I believe there are times to honor our teachers, and there are times we neighbors can facilitate helping each other through community. I can't say it better than Monica did, but I can ask that we weigh in as friends. Phelan's own post about the situation, as well as a tip jar she reluctantly included at the end of the post at her many commenters' insistence, can be found here, though she only included it by coercion :)

I thank you!

(Secret mafia handshake and high five to ya!)


Donna said...

I can't get that site to load after several tries... must be graphics-intensive. I'm wondering if you're talking about Homesteading Neophyte? If so, I gave. Not much, but hey... every little bit helps!

Robbyn said...

Yes, I rewrote the post after reading your comment, Donna, for better clarity...thanks!

amanda o said...

doing the handshake right now!

Irma said...

You know, I don't even remember how I found Phelan's blog a few months ago...but I DO remember I found yours through hers, lol...the cycle continues, I guess.

I have read every word of her blog, and she has taught me so much. If her blog had been a book, would I have been willing to pay for what she has added to my life? Absolutely. Glad she put up the jar, and so very happy I was able to help.

Killi said...

twofroghome caught me. I just wish I could have done more. I wrote a longer answer on the smallmeadow blog you linked to ~ payback or rather pay forward time for me. & I'm lucky ~ I have a roof over my head & SVP keep checking on us.

tina f. said...

I just went over there with credit card in hand but she took her tip jar down! Really, what about next month? Now I feel guilty for not doing this sooner! :(